Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Train day...

So for a special treat with my boiz... today, while their mom had a relax'en morning, etc. we took off to go ride the rails...

We packed a bag and hit the van. Drove to a place called "Lincoln fields" which is a shopping plaza and a transit station... We parked and began the adventure. The kids have never been on a real bus before... other than a school bus... So this was quite the adventure. The transit stations are all tricked out with the mod design of glass and thick red piping... We rode an "attenuated bus" (a long bus with a bendy section in the middle) down to "bayview"... the first stop on the altogether NEW commuter train.

The boiz will most likely grow up in this city and by the time their riding buses to university, or whatever, this rail system will be old news... but they were there the first week of operation... :D

The train is all clean and shiny and comfy... and the kids just loved the trip... Well geo looks a bit silly in this shot and Ed looks amazingly bored... but believe me when I say they were having a blast... :D

We did the whole trip in reverse and went to MacDonalds for a late lunch on the way home...

Next will come the recounting of a truly wonderful birthday party... and in explaining that... perhaps you'll get a sense of the idea that I am just so frigging bagged I could just pass out typing... Long day. I am so defiantly sleeping in tomorrow morning..

See you in a bit. oh, I'm here, on cam... (well, I may be here and there... but generally ... here. :D)
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