Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Almost late Lj Birthday Babies...

I have this friend... well sorta... I mean.. well it's complicated... The first time I ever had a drama at lj (from which I have learned many lessons...) it was with a boy whom I judged... without knowing him. A girl who was having a baby... not her first... had become my friend in Lj... and I treasured her friendship. There was some confusion... about her participation in Lj overall and perhaps some home stuff I will never know anything about.

But the story grew and grew and involved the lj police (abuse people) and a good and fair resolution came about... one that is extra special because this wonderful woman was not - as I had feared - going to leave Lj after all. Yeah.

Now she is having a birthday ... After all this time... we are only sorta friends... but she will forever be a part of my Lj story and be on my list until she vanishes or asks to be taken off... If she has it to say... I want to hear.

ps. This... is her... :D (~ silly grin...)

Happy Birthday fearyfeathers

May this next year bring you many mornings with A beside you and evenings with him... well all over you.

May your kidlettes continue to bring you joy... and may the world continue to leave A in good health... Wearing a uniform is a hard cross to bear... Waiting for someone in a uniform is no less so.

I truly hope you have enjoyed your day... Peace in your house and in your heart.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear... feary (lol)... Happy Birthday to you. :D

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