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ow ow ow ow ow ow ow !!!!
Ok, let's back up a bit.
Monday was the Cdn Thanks Giving Holiday ... our 2nd TG dinner - this time at my folks house. As usual, an ab fab dinner (my mom can cook! man, can she cook - holy crap - words escape me) topped off an outstanding day... Sunday night was a combined celebration that included my 5 year old's birthday and one of his uncles gave him an "Air Hog" ... cool airplane thing you pump up with something not unlike a bicycle pump. Besides an unfortunate deal with a really tall tree, that was basically me, my boys, an airplane, a soccer field, sun light and crisp fall air. This was a day that will most likely flash lovingly before my eyes when my time is up.
Tuesday ... yesterday... oh boy. Do not let anyone tell ya that paint ball guns don't hurt.
We took our teams out for a little 'team building' exercise. Eight thousand paint balls, 12 guns, 12 darth vader look-alike face masks and a really phenomenal amount of pain later we were - really now - better teams. It was raining, snowing, blowing and shitty in the extreme outside so the 'paint ball dude' made us change to their indoor arena instead of the outdoor deal. 10 boys and 2 girls lived out every fantasy that computer shoot-em-up game ever inspired. My running through a doorway under heavy covering fire only to be met by four opponents hiding against the walls to either side of that door resulted in 4 hefty welts on my back. This was fun! no really.
Anyways, today is all kinds of moaning and groaning as I lazy-it-up at work. I got loads of paperwork (yuck to the power of 2) and I'm clearly getting behind on a project or two, but by Friday, I'll be all caught up and dancing 'round the office. So, today will just have to run it's course...

later LJ, and by the way, thanks for listening...

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