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Hiya LJ.

whew! what a day. Sundays are my sleep-in day *(yea)... Saturdays, are Z's. I remember - a billion years ago - bk* - we'd (Z & I) sleep till noon on S&S. I was a true lover of the glorious zzzzzzz. No I only get to love the capital Z for sleep is but a forgotten mistress. I wake at the slightest complaint of our youngest**, and, regardless of when I go to bed I wake up at around 6:30 - 7:00, wishing to sleep more 'course but not getting to ... EXCEPT on Sundays.

Unfortunately, I woke today at 10:30 with a smashing headache - I think it's a sinus deal, being prone to those at the onset of a cold ever since I had plastic plates rammed up my snoze to rebuild things after getting the living crap beaten out of me in high school.

Dealt with the head using standard advil / claratin combo and moved on. "On" in this case was to get a hair cut, make Corto's Scrumptious Scallop potatoes***, and drive around two blocks to my parents-in-laws' house. There would be found my bro-in-law, his common law and her 15 year old prozac zone daughter, two sis-in-laws, five kiddies between 'em a husband (only one - the other - dick-head-till-the-end - abandoned sis-in-law and two kids last summer) and of course, mom and dad in-law. Thanks Giving, bro-in-law birthday and George (my 5 year old) birthday all rolled into one.
The prozac girl is a rough cut - I'm positioned as the uncle that all the nieces have always played rough house, talked, laughed, and cried with... prozac tells it all to me and her life is TOUGH. If she doesn't off herself first, I'd wager that by the time she's 20 it'll all be old news and she'll have it together - hence I'm putting a lot of the problems on the broad shoulders of 'broken home, easy access to booze, tough-ass-friends, and good pot do not all mix well with adolescence' and adolescence usually comes to an end - at least for girls, boys are a little more prone to staying kids their whole lives (wink).

The other three youngest nieces (9,11,12) still want me to "come downstairs and spin us around" - something that involves me forgetting that a) I'm getting older and b) they're getting bigger. (that's them in the pic!!)

None-the-less, everybody gets dizzy and I invariably get frowned on by all the 'adults' for playing games that make the girls scream with glee... (I usually smile and think of different ways to write 'tough' in crayon.)

So, now it's whenever, we're home and the next big fun will be getting up tomorrow (Cdn Thanks Giving holiday) and playing with the new toys George got for his birthday. And of course, another huge family Thanks Giving Dinner, this time at my parents house.

C ya later Lj.

* bk - Before Kids
** Wow! that is such a turn-round for me. I have a vivid memory of a roommate (Dave) - we shared an apt in University - beside my bed, light streaming in from the hallway, jumping up and down waving his arms, yelling at me to wake the phuk up. Seems the building was busy being on fire and I had been happily sleeping through all manner of alarms.
*** my standard contribution to family Pot Luck dinners.

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