Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Lj Birthday Babies...

Um... it's birthday time!!!
Back to today being brought to you by the letter J...

Happy Birthday Amy

I had the spectacular good luck to be introduced to jaggedpill by her RW friend, Kristy (kristylicious) and I couldn't possibly be more jealous of someone! That'd be jealous of Kristy for getting to spend so much time with Amy.
Ok, besides being so good looking it's unnerving...
Amy is like this person in a movie screenplay... "larger than life" works for me...
All of the people in her world have nicknames that bring out images of the people and I swear that keeping up-to-date with Amy leaves images in my head as if I had watched a treasured television show about people living in LA.
For you birthday, darling Amy, I wish the world would lay itself at you feet... and failing that... I hope the year brings you pleasures of the flesh that leave you with stars in your eyes... and that you always have the bag of comfort clothes in the trunk (just in case). Of course I will pray that you don't wake up with firefighters under your bed… and that fishing off the company dock yields bites in the right places… (and that you don't EVER get bit by a goat!).

Happy Birthday jagged-girl…
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday dear Amy… Happy Birthday to you.

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