Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

OK, (I've missed ya today!). today is the 9th anniversary of the day Z and I did the big white dress thing... and no I don't mean the day I dressed up in a big white dress and tried bunking behind a dump truck on a major slushy side street (that's an entirely diff story altogether).

To celebrate, I nabbed a beeee-utiful bouquet of purple orchids with a single red rose (the stem is as thick as my little finger) - and of course a mushy card. We have to do a "meet the teacher" deal with Georges senior kindergarden teacher, but then its off to fancy spancy italian dinner and a movie... the kiddlettes are at my parents house till whenever (yeah) *
I'm save'en up for number 10 so that's as snazzy as it's gonna get.

*yea versus yeah - this always bugs me! I want to say yea not yaaaa but I can't get which one is the proper non-word spelling?
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