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So, closure time... Street dude stuck to the side of the building was an actual protest... Seems it (he) was not the street dude I thought I passed every day, but rather some other street dude that was targeting that particular building - it houses the offices of the Workmans Compensation Review Board. Dude had a bad deal at some point and blames WCRB, when he was walking with a sign out front in the early AM. they asked him to 'move along' and he did, 'cept he moved straight up. Apparently he came down on his own in the middle of the afternoon - after causing the city to spend resources (2 ladder trucks, two rescue fire trucks, an ambulance, 6 cop cars, two tactical units) like crazy and phuking up rush hour traffic, let alone all day traffic.
Guess I'm not too sympathetic his cause. (as I bite my tongue on a nice long stream of words inappropriate for my own delicate ears :0

Any ways... (see that!, I actually separated "any" and "ways".... ) I'm mr amazing report guy today. Busy busy.

I have got to get some decals for my headphones and snap a digi pic of them ... when I tip the head-strap-part-thingy down over my eyes it looks just like a super hero mask!!!

c ya

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