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Have I mentioned that I am a wanna-be, used-to-be thrasher? Sorta like my lj pal daikan!!! (and she admitted it so I'm not making that up!)

I have a G&S Fiberflex Skateboard, complete with tracker trucks and the four colour powerflex wheels.

This is the board I purchased at a Fort Worth skate shop when I was 14... um, I'm 39 now... do the math. Geo was riding on it this weekend... I can still (hernia and all) do a handstand all until I run out of street...

There's a mini new but weeny skate park at the community rec center in Kanata (where I live) that is unsupervised (read: injuries galore) and over populated by wood-board thrashers all evening... however, my private desire is to sneak over there early one morning... at the crack of dawn (with a helmet) and stretch the limits of my idiocy for a bit...

I used to fricken ride that puppy everywhere... it's in perfect condition... I even have four spare barrings to slip into the powerflex wheels if the 25 year old barrings ever decide to start leaking... :D


(while I was skating with the kids on the weekend this teenager strolled by carrying a broken wood board... I chuckled to myself... and then I felt very old... like a dad in a movie showing an old car or something to his grandkids... )
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