Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


I'm outta bed... this was a bad one (head ache)... usually I see them coming but the amazing stress of today just confused the hell out of me and I missed all the warning signs...

I left work and headed out to buy a bus pass and ended up missing my proper bus as I stood in this killer line-up... so while I waited the 30 minutes for the next bus the headache started to materialize... it starts in my temples and wraps around my head and starts to squeeze... When I came through the door at home I went straight for my bedroom, stripped, closed the blinds, grabbed for my meds (a nasal burst-thing of imatrix) - took the meds and went to find Z and give her the news that she was on her own for a while.

I was a mess... it took longer than usual for the meds to kick over... the head ache was so well established by the time I medicated... nauseous ... just evil.

but it's mostly past now... I just have a bit of a fever and a numb head... I'm going back to bed...

on a lighter, happier note!!!

you gotta check this out...


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