Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Okidoki... This homeless guy was asked to "please move off the private property" in front of a big-ol-glass building that I can see out my office window. He moved away by climbing into the window washer platform that was being prepp'ed for a day of washen ... and he pushes the 'up' button.
Well, all hell breaks loose. the entire block is cordoned off by yellow police tape, we got no less than 7 cop cars on the scene, two fire trucks (he's up about 10 floors) an ambulance and ton's* of spectators - all in the middle of rush hour. Its raining, and shitty out.
I pass this guy every day (twice a day actually) and never really gave him much of a second thought... I dropped a half pack o'smokes on him once but I have issues with the nickle and dime deal (I'd rather - and do - give it to a food kitchen).
I'll let you know how this turns out... I'm guessing nothing good will come of this and I'll be pritty pissed if a fireman gets hurt trying to get this guy down.

* Canada: that should be tonnes!!!

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