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Me and the boiz... :D

I slept the very good sleep last night... one of those "breath right" nose strips helped, I'm certain. Regardless... I slept till 10:00 am... wowzers that felt good.

~ gray T, beige casual pants and boxers...
~ to go help out a friend of zebra's with her dead or dying computer... *(hence the geek clothing)*
~ the very best for Mr. and Mrs. Banana :D
~ I had a time machine!!! or at the very lease a magic "do over" spell....

So I wonder what it's like working in the Charlottesville Commode... I mean radio station... I mean change table... I mean ... Hi Kym... :D

Imagine how it would feel to grad from a specialized training program... apply for and win the chance to turn those skills into a career, move to another city... set up a life there, report for your first day of work... and find that the attack on the WTF has affected the industry you work in to the point that you and all your new coworkers are being laid off on day one... My heart goes ripping right out to you indianasweetie... That is killa unfair. You are most definitely in my thoughts "sweety".

Ok... I need to go be a dad for a while... Later Lj.

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