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"physical violence; gunplay that results in death; property damage; people hit with blunt objects; forced injections; electric shock"

Definitely no chick flicks tonight... :D (this is the "violence/scariness" rating from the back of the "MEMENTO" dvd...

Has anyone found a Lj Community that focuses on audio/video equipment... you know, audiophile / videophile hangouts...

ps. I am destined to be gobbled up by a pernicious wangdoodle (WW&TCF) in light of having missed not only the premier of Mole II last night but I also missed lil'miss Alba's lips... I mean "Dark Angel" (hear me roar!!)

Ok, next stop... making dinner for the gang and then heading off to the hockey game...

actually "next stop" is a bottle of advil... :(
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