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Hey... hello again. It's me. I've been away for a while. It seems that while I was out my physical being was occupied by some sort of a cross bred creature taking the best of the movie "Aliens" and the worst of "Sesame Street".
I'm thinkin that guys dead now, but (not unlike the end-game scene in the movie Aliens) he may be clinging to the outside of my airlock - quite at home in the vacuum of space (In space, no one can hear you scream.)
I'm like about an hour (and a bit) from heading of the the trade show to be booth boy - the goal, of course, will be to NOT hurt anybody that asks stupid questions. "Pardon me? Yes... we do. No, no we don't. Oh, of course you can have a coffee mug... here you go... look closely NOT A SPECK OF CEREAL! Whack, whack, whack, smash... (does anybody remember that? I can't remember if it was John Belushi on SNL talking to Gilda about Alpo "not a speck of cereal" or was it John Candy talking to Catherine O'Hara?)
Oops, I'm slipping into evil alien guy... Must be nice to the potential clients... Listen to soothing music with NICE themes (no NIN for the next hour).

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