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awrite... it's getting a little closer to the warm fuzzy place... I'm prol'y gonna make the guys on my team drop on the spot and kiss the earth when I tell 'em about the raises they're gonna get (retro for like 4 months no less...) That'll be fun.
This - my raging evil bitch mood - could be the manifestation of a post-BB syndrome - (note: anybody ever hear of a show comming down the pike called "The Mole"?) I don't have a solid 'diss' outlet planned into my days... I remember once upon a time that it was that tv show called "Melrose Place"... geez, Zebra and I would watch that show every week and just dtd (diss to death) the various light weights passing themselves off as standard 20 something's (of course we all know that they were more like a crew of forgotten psych ward inmates that found the keys to the Rx cabinet. Well, BB was the ultimate Diss fest for me - clearly obvious from the fun I had do'ing BB Updates here. I'm gonna half'ta fill that void. (corto needs to continually be creative with something... um, I know I could try 'work' but heck they pay me for this... and it's never as much fun when you do what someone pays you for creatively... I'd rather find someone paying me for something I do creatively - does that make sense?)
Uh oh, I referred to myself in the third person... I promise to not do that more than once a week!
Anybody else get that Newfi Virus ? It's prol'y a lot like the Aggi Virus (Texas Agricultural University)... it works on the honour system. You get the virus in your email, with a cunningly crafted apology for all the hassle it involves and politely asks you to delete all the files on your hard disk. Can u just image the overworked middle management type that puts about 3 hours of keyboard time in a week, totally distracted by some garbage the boss wants him to sell to the employees - not thinking at all and actually DOES follow the 'honour system' virus... oh the shame. tut tut tut. (the ridicule of the IT shop would be worth getting on video).

(mmmmm, jokes help...) 'member the movie with Cher and Nick Cage? I forget the name but it was a love story (Cage had a fake hand?) Anyways, her grandfather was played by this great old guy and I think Olympia Dukakus (sp?) played her mom... There was this great scene where the tension was thick enuf to cut with a knife and grandpa pipes up with "Somebody tell a joke..."

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