Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Lj Birthday Babies...

Happy Birthday Mimi and Emm

Wow... the birthday's are just piling up!!! wohoo...

It's lothie's birthday today! One of my package buddies that is near and dear to my heart... (psst. she has a picture of the Warner Brothers Tower on the wall of her office.... ) Have a wonderful year Mimi, and enjoy the friendships that have brightened you life this last year. You are a lucky girl and I hope that luck sticks around and squeezes you every day!

And it's chandos's birthday... !!! Emm (a canadian girl!!! - the very best kind of girl) who I'm thinking may actually have the real handle Emily... I kept falling in love with girls named Eme and Emily in Highschool and College!)

I hope this next year brings you challenges and successes that pile up on your bedside table and that you wake up everyday reminded of how wonderful life is.

Happy Birthday to you (*s*), Happy Birthday to you (*s*), Happy Birthday dear Emm and Lothie, Happy Birthday to you (*s*)

(oh, and bite somebody today... it's good luck!)

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