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BB2 Update!!! (the very last one!)

BB2 Update: "Congratu-dam-lations Will The Final Episode"

So I was worried this would be pretty straight forward with nothing to say except "ye ha William The Conqueror takes the prize"... I was wrong... This was actually fun!!

In Brief
Will wins...
Will demonstrates (to me anyways) that he's a lot smarter than I even remotely suspected.
The rest of the house-mats are so exactly like I thought they would be (that is an insult to most of them by the way).
And Mike-freaken-boogie proposes to Krista on national television...


This is Julie's big show… She gets all the face time she can handle and we get to listen to a whole bunch of her nasal voice… lucky us. We are treated to a lengthy review of Will and Nic images, segments that lead to this moment… the unbelievable reality that these two people made it to the end… I mean who the phuque could have guessed that these two would make it? One word "WOW"…

The premise is framed on the idea that the evicted house-mats all come back and sit around together… which turns into a bitch fest with them making really nasty comments to one another… then they get to interrogate Will and Nic. Then (well, actually then next day in reality) the evicted house-mats all come BACK INTO THE HOUSE… and they all sit around to make the final selections. This includes Will and Nic both having to pick one house-mat to "nullify". They (W&N) had agreed to not nullify anyone… but BB told them they had to.

Will elects to nullify Bunky. Bunky had asked Will during the interrogation "How much of your winnings will you donate to charity?"… to which he responds "I have to be honest with you Bunky… Zero!" Bunky then reveals what his vote would have been… he would have voted for Nichole. (good nullification Will).
Nichole nullifies Shannon…rocket scientist that she is. Shannon's vote had been, of course, for Will.

The interrogation was really a long, mean, attack on Nichole. From Hardy's actions it is apparent that he (Hardy) had tried to push the support for Will thing to a point where it would backfire… because he (Hardy) was still playing the friggin game right up to the last second.

So, Julie gets to MC the retrospective, then lead the interrogations, and finally gets to "bring" the house-mats all together again. There's the nullification process and finally the Votes are revealed by each house-mat removing their "vote" key from the big multi-coloured-silly-looking-box.

As you know, the vote puts Will in the money. I said ages ago, when the nominations were Bunky versus Will that the house-mat that does not get evicted in that round of nom's would be the big money winner… I was right and I know in my heart that I was right because I - by then - understood Will's plan.

Most Memorable Moment
Certainly the moment of memory from this last episode has to be Mike, sitting in this ridiculous silver-leather-basketball-uniform ("Chill Town" embroidered on it) 11 sizes too big for him, with an amazingly dumb looking silver visor, responds to Julies enquiry about his relationship with Krista by getting up and hitting one knee, assuming the traditional pose. He asks her to marry him right there and then and after a short delay she says yes.... Well duh! Like she could say no? On national Teeveee?? I think not.

Tear Patrol
So, other than some pathetic moment when Nichole sheds a few, there were no tears tonight. The Nic Tears came during the interrogation when she was asked some question about "If you and Hardy were sitting there… who would you think deserved to win?" She gets all FAKE choked up about answering and the house-mats in the room with Julie start LAUGHING!!!! Hahahaha… Oh, and Hardy shush's them… :D

On October 1st Cheryl goes under the knife for a double mastectomy (sorry if I spelled that wrong) to hopefully deal with her breast cancer. She looked killer hot last night with shiny skin-tight pants on and a leopard print (~wink~) halter top on…

Krista is sitting with Mike during the post-interrogation, pre-enter the house moments with Julie lording over the group. Quiet like a mouse and looking adorable, Julie asks Mike "So what will happen to your relationship with Krista?" He makes some crack about his extremely silly looking outfit (omg he looked hilarious) and then proceeds to get on one knee and propose to Krista. I was totally agog at the TV when he was doing this… She, of course, said yes and looked like she was going to faint. I'm amazed she didn't pass out from shock.

I'd have to say, as a side note, that Nichole took her second place finish with class… however… When the evicted house-mats came into the house Hardy walks right up to Nichole, wraps his arms around her and feverishly whispers in her ear for a moment… I think he prep'ed her.

Kent, when asked who he thinks should win, comes back with "Deciding between these two is like deciding between an ingrown toenail and a rash!" Yup, spiteful to the very end.

At the end of the "interrogations" segment, W and N each get to plead their case… Will stands up and delivers this really bitch'en speech that everyone reacted very badly to. It came across as arrogance… (big surprise… this is Will we're talking about) but the point of his speech was sensible in the extreme. He was pointing out that if people really didn't like him after seeing all there was to see on the shows they watched since leaving the house then maybe they just didn't like the nature of the show itself. He asked them to look at how they were treating each other before they judged him. And lemmi tell ya, they were fighting like cats and dogs before the interrogations began. Will couldn't know this… his speech was rather insightful.

When the house-mats re-entered the house they were all rushing up to Nichole or Will and rushing into whispery plot issues… it was almost silly. But in the end, their votes had already been cast so;
Who voted for who to win!
Autumn for Nichole
Krista for Will
Hardy for Nichole
Boogie for Will
Kent for Will
Cheryl for Will
Monica for Will and she says "Congratu-dam-lations Will" when she pulls her key.
That's two for Nichole and five for Will! A clear majority.

Two final notes:
When Will emerged from the house he saw his brother… he first words were "Gas up the jet we're going to Vegas!"
Julie asked Will about all his lies… all those stories he would tell the other house-mats day in and day out… stories that some people pointed out were taken straight from episodes of Friends, etc. were all LIES!!! Julie points out that the staff and crew had a game going keeping track of their favourite Will lies…

It just goes to show you that the best way to win a game like this is to knock yourself out having fun.

Personal note: I am so glad that people read these updates and enjoyed them… I had an absolute blast feeling like I was entertaining you. It's really a very good feeling. Thank you for indulging me and reading all this stuff.

See you when Survivor III starts!

Peace yo.

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