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Lj Really Late Birthday Babies...

Happy Late Birthday Lucinda

Did I mention this thematic issue I'm having with birthdays? Well I missed one a while ago... on August 29th to be exact. I remember mentioning my love for this woman that week somewhere… but somehow, in the thick of Lj birthday reminders being off, I missed a bd that really and truly needed remembering.

There is a woman in Canada that recently carried the emotional ball for her baby girl (Olivia) - one of four kiddlettes - when Olivia contracted H.U.S. - Hemolytic Ureic Syndrome (sp?) and had to go and stay at the hospital for what? a month? Read about it here whatever it was it was horrific and my heart remained heavy every day that she was there.... Nothing NOTHING compares to the joy of reading that she had recovered and was home with her sibs.

Lucinda? roaring_woman!! You deserve to roar to shout out for the love you deserve and the companionship a life needs to complete.

This is my very late birthday wish for roaring_woman... for a super hero mom and a seriously knock down amazing adorable woman. (well, just look at her! she's a fox and a Canadian!)… but seriously sweety, you have a lot to manage - I cannot image how you do it - and I hope and pray for this to be a year filled with good news and happiness for you.

Peace love and warm hugs.

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