Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

errgggggg So, as usual, we had dinner at my folks house tonight.. every thursday we all end up at my mom and dads for dinner. (my parents really rawk)...

Z is getting a hella cold... all pained in her chest, and that stingy post nasal drip thing goin on... So I'm occupying the boiz while she rests and my mom gets dinner on the table...

I am fully involved in the "lie on the floor and let the boiz jump on me" thing... one thing leads to another and boom... I stand up... with both boiz drapped over me... no worries. So an hour ago I noticed that my hernia spot is all tender and slightly "elevated"... (please please please please please no! I'll be really good... please please please...)

I watched a few minutes - but not all - of the big George W thing going down tonight... I was reminded - and this isn't a judgement... just a memory - of the litany of expression that flows outta people every November 11... every year the same ol statements echoed by kids, parents, teachers, politicians...

"Never again... Lest we forget! Never again."

... I have to wonder... did that really mean... "Lest we forget! Never again, unless they really piss me off."

(I look at my boiz... and I know fear.)
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