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BB Update!

BB2 Update: The Lost Episode.... (That's LOST not LAST!!)

So the real-player "lost episode" originally scheduled to air on 9/11 was presented as a series of 8 minute segments accessible via the CBS-BigBro web site.... a scrolling message during one segment informs the audience that there will be a second hour of the show immediately following... of course neither aired. The so-called "second hour" was the show we were given on Tuesday night this week... so watching the "lost epi" was kinda funky given the benefit of hindsight. I'm telling you Nichole is seriously deranged and Monica is gonna spend the end of her life behind bars... she has so much pent up anger in her little self that ... well, she's a self-professed virgin, so either she's gonna kill someone or she's gonna discover sex....

This epi included a combination luxury/food competition, the America's Choice thing and the second part of the three part HoH competition... mixed in with a goodly dose of just how amazingly out-to-lunch Nichole really is...

In Brief
Monica didn't work out enough...
Nichole worked out too much...
Will? He enjoys himself... period.

The show opens with a few moments of lying, evil, condescending, pathetic Nichole vowing to Monica (relaxing in Hot Tub) that she will eject Will if she wins HoH... and of course we know that did not happen... why is that? hmmm... Mostly, cause Nichole is a) bi-polar and b) 'cause Monica is a freaken nut bar.

Monica, btw, did not for one second buy a single word Nichole was saying... she explains as much in the Diary Room.

BB combines the luxury comp with the food comp and gets us into it by giving us some footage of the kids raggin on Peanut Butter... well not Will. He points out that he loves PB&J and never really had a prob with it... :D The competition was called "From your lips to you hips". The house-mats are presented with two tables piled high with their oft requested fav foods and another with prezzi's. BB mentions that there is a personal DVD player, digi cam, etc. along with a selection of boobie prizes. The game? The mats have to use two mini grocery baskets... you know the hand held ones from the grocery store... to shop both tables. Then they have to stand in an Iron Cross (arms out) holding the baskets for 90 seconds and if they can handle a bonus 30 seconds, they get to pick one more item from each table. During the timed element, their hands must remain between their lips and their hips!!

Monica? just squeaks to the 90 second mark and falls to the ground...
Nichole... no problemo and goes for the additional 30 seconds...
Will?: he makes it all the way to the end of the bonus round as well.

The America's Choice thing is the prize that Will wins to get an internet chat thing going on... he totally enjoys himself... mostly because BB has to do all the typing... he only neds to speak...and BB types. (Don't you wish real life was like that?)

The second part of the 3 part HoH comp was
an obstacle course through the house... The gerbils had to run through 7 stations doing things like washing a window, collecting balls with a net from the pool, collecting towels, etc. Mon did terrible, Nichole did great, and Will did ... feh He missed something at the beginning and lost points for that...there by assuring that he would not win.

Most Memorable Moment
After the luxury comp the kids sat around in the living room and opened the prezzis's. Nichole watches Will open the portable DVD player and gets weepy nasty cause she didn't win it... She, in fact gets all morose and generally speaking, really bummed. Kinda shows her colors. She has been in a really good mood lately...
Well, any ways, in the pathetic round of depression she goes into over not winning any "good stuff" she returns to her crusty aggravated self. Upon seeing this Monica puts on a a baby Drew Barrimore voice and says to Will "She's baaaack!".

Tear Patrol
Amazingly enough... there were no tears in this episode.

Monica and Nichole are chatting away.... Will has recently told the Diary Room that he is just waiting for the girls to go at one another... Nichole mentions something about a black woman being "light skined" and then refers to herself (all tanned up) as "A dark skinned white woman or a light skinned black woman". Well... Monica just gets bananas... giving Nichole the whole politically correct speech saying "I've know folks all my life" (what is "folks"?? white people?) "and I aint never heard one of them say that!!" and she pushes and pushes and pushes Nichole... solidifying in Nicholes head that her committeemen to expel Will is misguided.

Nichole... she of the ever changing mind... absolutely gets a solid 5 year old attitude about not wining any "good stuff" during the competition. to quote her highness "I could kill myself" and "How pathetic am I?" She won a digital camera, a few expensive necklaces, etc... but not any "good stuff"... (snif...) Basically, she wanted the DVD player and she practically breaks Wills neck when he opens one of his prezzies and it's the DVD deal....

Will manages to win a "mini-metal-detector" which provides him no end of fun as he wanders around pressing it against everything and everyone in sight getting the tell-tail buzzzzzz of metal... "metal, metal, not metal, metal..." Nichole, of course, is not amused - and nobody gives a shit. hahaha...

He manages to enjoy the on-line chat America's choice award... sitting back and letting BB do all the typing... "All I do is talk... and they do all the work."

Right from the get-go of this show (as per Diary Room comments) he is down with the idea that the girls need to blow off steam and when they do it will assure him of, at the very least, a second place finish.

So, tonight is the night... and, btw, the show is on at 10:00 pm EST. Based on the transcripts of the experience of the Will & Nic show talking LIVE to the jurors - getting questions from them - there is no way Will will not win the game... Nichole had a horrible horrible horrible time of it with everyone asking her questions that seemed to indicate they hate her slightly larger ass. We couldn't hear the questions... however, after the fact she wandered around in a horrific state of depression mixed with shock, and anger. Lucky Will! hahaha... this was two days ago.

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