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BB2 Update!!

BB2 Update: Donnie Osmond is in the House!

The horrific events of last week ("CAWTC" - Cowards Attack World Trace Center) resulted in one episode of the BB2 show being removed from the line up and the next shows postponed. Last night we saw a show recorded from last Saturday. The "missed" show is available as a series of Real Player segments from the Big Brother Web Site (I will write an update for that show tonight - I've only watched the first segment but it's a good show!)

The show from last night was essentially a Loser Lounge episode with the final eviction taking place to leave the final two players - the money winners - in the house.

In Brief
Of the three final house-mats (Will, Monica, and Nichole) only Monica had a direct tie to the World Trade Center attack. The show starts with a brief nasal discourse from Julie (omg she needs to blow that nose of hers...) on the tragedy in NY and presents a moment from the Diary Room when the house-mats were told about the attack. Monica indicated right away that she wanted her family to focus their concern on the cousin still unaccounted for in NY and not to worry about her.

In the show...
Monya gets toasted in round two of the three part HoH comp.
Will and Nichole face off together in round three and Nichole wins.
Nichole evicts Monica.
Monica scares the begeebers out of Nichole.
Will is evil... and loves it.
Nichole is nuts... and seems to revel in it.

The thing of it is that the HoH competition was to spread across three shows and bring us to the point where the winner of HoH instantly evicts the final house-mat. This is a most unwanted job... Will and Nichole both talk extensively about "throwing" this competition... Nichole, of course, has no ability to not-compete and hence ends up winning.

The run up to the moment of the competition includes a great series of taped segments with the previously evicted house-mats.

Nichole has to suck it up and give the eviction vote in person to Will and Monica. She wimpers a bit and ultimately throws Monica out the door so she can spend a week alone in the house with pretty boi. Before the vote is cast, Julie gives them (all three) a chance to talk about life in the house... Nichole immediately turns to Will and demands (as a joke) "Admint it... tell everyone... you are the devil." Then when just as she's about to cast the vote she reminds us that Will is "Beelzibub" (sp???)... Meanwhile, Nichole is the one with the heavy goth eyes and I swear I saw horn nubs under those bangs... :D

He (Will) looks so much like Donnie Osmond I can barely stand it... my friend wolfiegirl would be quite impressed.

Most Memorable Moment
It's hard to choose... During the taped segments from outside the house we get two delicious quotes that are memorable; From Shannon - who is dealing with the question of her professed love for Will versus the steroid king boy friend she had before entering the house... her comment? "Things happen that are hurtful and I'm sorry." Man she is cold.
Kent, looks all serious and lord only knows why he went into the house in the first place... he was so completely uninterested in the experience... had nothing good to say about it. His comment? "I could care less which one of those freaks win that game!" (ha! he still has to come back and vote)

However, the best moment for me was something I had read in the live-feed transcripts and yea! it was actually in the show... Will, forever saying things like "you should trust me" and "Ok, no more lying..." continues to lie like a rug. At one point, following a conversation with Nichole about how to handle the final week of the show... just after Nichole leaves the room...
(Quoting from the live feeds)
Nicole leaves the bathroom to go to the storage room and Will looks into the mirror over the sink, smiles, then smirks and says "I got her! The Evil Doctor is back.", he then says one or two more times before going into WC that "The Evil Doctor is back".
He is having so much fun doing this show and it really speaks volumes when you consider how much crap the other people on the show go through trying to mentally cope with the stress.

Tear Patrol
Nichole is such a tard. She's the only one shedding tears tonight and most of them are bullshit. She always seems to introduce the idea that she's going to cry... "I'm feeling really emotional!" usually is followed closely by her crying about something... The one time she should really be crying... when she has to evict Monica, she appears to have to really put on the tears like another layer of makeup. Speaking of makeup... holy geeze... could she possibly wear any more eye shadow? I don't think so.

Ok, this is clearly going to be poorly received but, you know, that Monica is one stoooopid girl. I mean, I've said plenty of nice things about her in the past and I still think she's a great woman but when you get right down to it... she's just not that smart. The only example that's worth sharing is her reaction to Nichole evicting her. She totally bitch slapped Nichole before she left the house... Now Nichole - the goth-eye'd girl - explained that she vowed to try to win money (like any of them came in to the house to "not" win money) and feels that Monica represents the only real threat to her... as if to say that the jury (the evicted house-mats) would pic Monica over Nichole... and she's right... they would, in a heart beat. They would pick Ophelia (the pot bellied pig) over Nichole. However, when Monica went to the loser lounge to meet Julie, she went on and on about how Nichole's speech was full of shit. When Julie asked her what she thought was really going on, Monica comes back with "Oh, she thought I was a threat... that the jury would pick me over her."... um... yea, and what did you think Nichole was saying? No the whole stoooopid thing is based on Monica having displayed this behavior all through the show. She holds herself in check forever and then finally either explodes in anger or gets all "It's Ohhhn" about things - all nasty like. When she gets like that she looses all sense of proportion and simply stops listening to the things going on around her.

Nichole is a big big freak. She either beats the crap out of her eyes every day or wears way way way too much dark eye shadow. When she won HoH she was absolutely pissed about winning. "Unhappy" does not do her frame of mind justice. In the Diary Room: "I really wanna vomit right now."

From the taped segments we find out some interesting bits of news about the other ex-house-mats. Sherrie left in week one... only to find that she has operable breast cancer. They revealed in the taped bit of her talking to her doctor that she will be having a - or double - mastectomy (sp?) surgery. Autumn, the cry baby that came on to Hardy the VERY FIRST night in the house, had been diagnosed with Graves Disease right before entering the house. Krista, looking adorable, is basking in glory in her home-town and has hopes to find fame.

The taped segments made us aware of just how large the fan base for Bunky is... he is having a blast... Hardy is looking like a queen (personal opinion) riding his hog with a half-helmet on.

William... please let him win...
Classic Will: Whenever BB needs to set-up some game in the house, or make a repair... whatever, the house-mats are told to go to a specific room for a "Lock down". Since day one, BB has consistently lied to the house-mats about how long a given lock down will last. On a few occasions, Nichole has gone practically ape shit wanting out of a room to go have a smoke. On one occasion, Will took a piss in a garbage can because ... well, he had to go... remember all ALL the house-mats are in the same room. Well, on Saturday, the day they taped the show that was on last night, BB was setting up for the live show and the HoH competition so the kids were in "lock down" in the old "chill town" bedroom. Will starts threatening to take a crap in the garbage can... so, after some prompting, BB allows Will to go to the can. They clear the production crew workers out of the house and let him go from the bedroom to the washroom. The mic from the control room is still picking up the conversations there... in fact, during these last few days with the three (and now two) house-mats, there is a lot of talking with the people behind the cameras. So it was a big deal for BB to let him go to the cam... The live feed cameras are on the chill town room with Monica and Nichole and we hear someone in the control room loudly complaining "He's plucking his eyebrows... " hahaha....

Ok, the America's Choice thing this week is the simple question "Who do you think should win? Will or Nichole" So, I'm thinking ... "what the hell is that all about... who's gonna pay to make that phone call?" and they come back with "In the event of a tie, the America's choice vote will determine the winner." And I'm still confused... because since BB dragged Justin from the house in the dead of night it has been simple math to say that there will be 9 people on the jury... where are you gonna get a tie from with that? So..... it turns out that today (or yesterday for all I know) the house-mats are going through a process of selecting ONE evicted player who will not get to cast a vote. I'm guessing that Nic and Will will have an argument or two about this and thereby entertain BB for a bit.

Either way... that leaves 8 votes and the real possibility of a tie.

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