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Good morning LJ. This company is managed by people that need to go to 'how to give a presentation 101' - well, not all of 'em ... but clearly some. big yawn fest for a staff meeting (hundreds in a ballroom).
It is less than a week 'till my 9th anniversary! I need suggestions. I'm planning in advance for 10 but 9 has not had much attention.

It will be snowy, cold and dark shortly - SC&D ('round these parts) and that just sucks. I need to start some kind of an internal glow to fend off the affects of SC&D. I have pants that go 'swish', really great music - wait ... that's it!!! I need a portable music player... I'd 'av said 'an MP3 player' but I'm still thinking they are over priced and I'm just not too sure about a porta-CD... Maybe a mini-disk???? Yup, I'm thinking that a little 'music that never stops' would help fend of the bumming affect of SC&D.

Ever looked at your keyboard? is it anywhere near as dirty as mine?

(ps. what the hell does 'examinate' mean?)

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