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I work in downtown Ottawa (Canada's capital city)... about 4 blocks from the Parliament Buildings, our seat of government...

(click here for the "live" hill cam...)

Ottawa's workerbee's were given a chance to attend a memorial service on the Hill at lunch today... So my coworkers and I went for the walk... We were stopped two blocks from the hill... the unbelievable crowds exceeded the attendance at our July 1st celebrations. The Prime minister, the US Ambassador, and our Governor General spoke to the attending crowd after the RCMP performed both anthems.

Silence followed... the gentle crying of a small baby echoed across the air and somewhere someone lost their grip on a clutch of three balloons... one red, one white and one blue, tied together with ribbons... they climbed into a blue sky giving everyone a chance to tip their heads up and let their tears pool. Everywhere I looked I could see American Flags... hand drawn on paper, little hand wavers... or full-on flags held by solemn attendants...

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