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OK, so we have this quarterly staff meeting in about 20 minutes, so let me feed a lil'more BB TidBits at-cha.

- The three-amigos are still at it... THEN the BB voice they have been calling 'sexy voice' all along, comes on the PA and asks them to tell her a story... she's purposely doing this all sweet like. This begins a give-and-take session with BB and the boys that covers topics like "the strangest place you've every had sex".... There's a request for music that leads to a little dance by our friend, Mr. Invisible, Josh. Wanna see it?
(note: the link that was here has aged and passed away!)

- Eddi will likely not become the secret love slave of Julie Chen anytime soon.... in a convo with BB over the in-house PA system (everybody listening!!!) he comments - regarding Julie - "she had a face like a bag of hammers." (*oh gawd!!!).

- Josh goes into the Redrum, and the PA carries the convo to the rest of the house... It starts with BB calling Josh by his new nick-name (in reference to the idea that he never has wet dreams) "Well Broken-Dick, your new batteries are on the table..." On his way out of the Redrum Curtis and Ed try to squish him in between the two door deal.

- I haven't even passed 11:30 at night yet. I'll keep reading and come back with more...

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