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Ok, today will be a bunch of short notes from the BB Files, mostly 'cause I'm having trouble keeping a single train of thought here... First of all, I'm still totally fucking freezing! and (the big reason!) I can barely contain myself while reading some of the notes from last nights transcripts out of the BB House.

Here's what I'm reading about...( AND NOTE!!!: this is pritty raunchy stuff, so yank your halo's down for a minute would ya)

Scene: the "three-amigo's", the money boys, Eddi, Josh and Curtis (note: I'll bet it'll be E$500k, J$150K and C$50K by the way) are sitting around getting shit faced. Talk abou the first thing to do when they get out invariably leads to testosterone driven comments about getting a lil'action ASAP and then degrades to a review of how the hell they held it together (or not-held-it-at-all) over the past 87 days - in case this is not totally clear, at issue is how the boys managed to not load their shorts while sleeping, masterbate or otherwise BREAK THEIR SEALS. Note: this is a very drunken conversation. Idiot Boy Josh tries desperately to convince the others that he has NEVER had a wet dream... incredulous, the others do not believe this is possible and ride Josh for a while on this issue. Josh eventually SCREAMS "I just don't remember!!" - to which an increased degree of ridicule is levelled ... "What do you f*cking mean 'I don't remember'????? (Eddi screaming) "Your pants would be soaked in cum!!! Not piss, not sweat, but CUM! What do you not understand? How could you not know?" This is a heated, long, but in good fun, conversation to which I cannot possibly do justice.

The BB staff manning the in-the-wall-cameras have abandoned restraint and are laughing the phuking heads off and if BB needs to make a comment over the PA system the background noise of various CBS staff killing themselves laughing practically overtakes the announcements...

Josh, continuing to plead innocence (ha!) that he has never had a wet dream, is told by Curtis "You're busted. It's not just me and Eddie, it's the entire staff." (meaning that the whole BB crew is calling him on this bull-sh*& and laughing thru the walls). Eddi pipes up with "He's got semen seeping out of his f*cking ears, what, you got an ear infection? No, it's just jizz."

Ok, I'll stop here for a bit... work a bit and when I get a chance to read more... I'll post.!

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