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There is to a fucking spoon...

The line "There is no spoon" is a turning point in the movie "the matrix" when Neo is about to perform an unimaginably dangerous act he mutters these words reflecting on the same words spoken by a child earlier that was trying to make him understand that the illusion Neo was witnessing (the spoon bending by the force of will of the childs mind) was not related to the spoon actually bending, but rather that the illusion was an event in Neo's mind.

Today the world changed. Certainly my world... my north american, industrial, modernized world, changed forever. And folks, lemmi tell ya... there IS a spoon. This is no illusion.

My work brings me in contact with some of the global infrastructure supporting the Intelligence Community and I cannot fricking believe that the horrible events that have been occurring (and I hasten so say, may still be occurring!!) were not anticipated or uncovered. What the fuck have we been spending all this money on, allowing all these freedoms to be trampled on, if not to win a battle before it starts...

I am convinced that there is no amount of effort, money or resolve that can truly make a place safe from something like this...


Tears continue to well in the corners of my eyes as I imagine the horrible suffering ... and of the fear that must now be gripping the hearts of so many... let alone my journal friends that live in affected or threatened parts of the United States. I am not a religious person but today I will pray... I will pray for you safety and I will pray again for your lost brothers and sisters... mothers and fathers... Every casualty is some womans child... some fathers pride. I weep for those people and pray for peace to find their hearts.

I am so very sorry that this has happened...

I am painfully sorry for what I imagine will be the fall out... the reactions, the social issues, the shattered peace.

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