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BB Update
Ok, we r moving into the final few days of this MONSTEROUS TIME WASTER. I'm already trolling 'round scopeing out what will occupy my soon-to-free'd-up cycles. That being said... I had erroneously thought that perhaps the last few days with the half wits would be relaxed and even, possibly, boring. Let me be the first to tell you about how wrong I was.

Let's start with some graphics. Z was inspired by the recent acquisition of a scanner for our mutual 'home' use. Always the artistic impresario, Z has stepped up to the plate with lil'drawings of the remaining half wits - I'm affectionately calling 'em "the four horses of the apostrophe".
(ps. This giant space that follows... I can't figure out how to be rid of it!)
I can just hear Curtis and his
VERY LOUD laugh..
   or Mr. Happiness Sweetness
and Light (gawd)...
curtis    josh
Can't forget Lipgloss:    Or the Ed-Man swearing to beat the band!
jamie    ed

Two nights ago things started to crack... random "oops" on the part of BB - i.e. "oops, I left the mic on!" from the control room fills the house with 'bb controller' comments about things or a phone ringing. Nominal when taken alone, but "oops, hey, wake up it's past curfew..." CLICK - CLICK "House Guests! Its past bed time..." gets kinda funny.
Well, small things usually lead to bigger things...
The half wits got a little loose last night and TRASHED THE HOUSE... holy phuk, this was the most priceless of all possible moments. By the time Ed got hot enuf to need a little dip in the pool, his comment was that it was like swimming in a stew! Baseball began around 9:30. By 9:31 they were out of baseballs (over the wall!), so... How 'bout citrus fruit! Cucumbers, Onions, Tomatoes and of course EGGS! "oops, we broke the bat..." That's fine, lets just snap off part of the mop and use that... duct tape a loaf of bread and bingo, more baseball!

I've got to read more about the goings on - like how much stuff came back over the wall! YUP stuff was being tossed back over the wall from the great beyond. The back yard was totally trashed with food products reminiscent of an animal house food fight.

I'm looking forward to a flustered BB trying to exact some form of punishment from the misbehaving half wits... "What're they gonna do, toss us out of the house...?" (man would that be funny).

So, I'll post this and get back to ya about the next chapter in the Trash the House trend.

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