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So, while I wait for the boss to GET OFF THE PHONE!!!! I'll try a lil' BB Update
In that the whole reality - tv deal consistently leaves me speechless after surprise banishments, I gotta embrace the idea that I could be seriously wrong when I guess that Lipgloss is totally historical after tomorrow night. The AP (American Public) could nail Josh to a cross or maybe even stake Curtis out in the sun to dry (* a place he systematically goes to all-by-himself. He is always cold - sounds familiar - so is often lying on the sun-warmed pavement surrounding the mini-lap-pool).

The sabotage challenge was a real hoot! Lipgloss and Potty Mouth had no clue, but the counselor - always the observant analyst - noticed right off that the kitchen cam was not following him down the hall so he tracked to what it WAS watching... the potato clock. After observing this twice, he reached a conclusion and played it from there. In that he made his guess on Sunday morning, Sunday night was therefore simple torture meted out by him against poor Josh - keeping Josh up all night while he waits for Curtis to go to sleep... reading the feeds describe Josh pretending to sleep all the way to 3:00 am and finally concluding that Curtis was asleep (snoore snooooooorrrrreeeee !!!!). Up goes Josh to change the clock ... then correct the 'fix' that, for the second time, left the clock stopped, he finishes his excuse (late night snack) and goes back to bed... THEN fifteen minutes later, Up Gets Curtis... (I just had to laugh!!!) and he checks the clock... clearly torturing Josh as he (Josh) pretends to sleep...

Boss off the phone and I gotta fly... later LJ.

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