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BB2 update!

BB2 Update: The "Payback-is-a-Bitch in the Loser Lounge" Episode.

Well, this was a really straightforward episode... and best of all, they finally explained how things will work during the final two weeks.

In Brief
Hardy... see ya...
HoH... complicated... but Will is in the lead.

Well, she who so badly needs to eat a frick'en burger (Julie Chen) spent the first half of the show getting us to wonder... "Will he vote Hardy or will he vote Nichole?" They (CBS) gave Will - the only vote caster - the choice of announcing his vote in person or casting it in the DR and letting Julie make the announcement. He, of course, elected to say it himself... Basking in the glory of it all he even went so far as to use feinting hand gestures to misdirect us right to the last second... then he tossed Hardy out! And if that doesn't earn him a night of sweat and honey with his sugar-shack Shannon... after all the work it has taken to live up that deal... I'll be surprised.

BB had Nichole's hubby man in the waiting room with Hardy's grandma and bro. The guy has that dark hair goatee and bleach blond hair thing going on... he looked surprisingly trim - and just a very personal first impression (which has no business being true... just by the look of him) - he looked evil.

Granny and bro were all a hug-a-minute with Hardy after Julie asked him all the default questions about "what went wrong..." and "are you happy with the exp".

The show immediately dove into the HoH comp. This comp is in three stages... tonight a game where they had to guess who an evicted house-mat was referring to wth a specific adjective. For example, Sherry (evicted in week one) called someone "explosive"... She was referring to Monica. The score was Will 5, Monica 4 and Nichole 3. hahah...

On Tuesday, part two of the comp will yield the two highest scoring house-mats. On Thursday, part three will go down and the winner will immediately evict someone. Then we will have a week with the two remaining house-mats followed by Jury time.

Most Memorable Moment
After the Hardy eviction we actually get to see Will reaching out to a very sad and broken Nichole saying "Trust me..." with this big BIG smile on his face...

Tear Patrol
Nichole... lots. "I'm sorry…" Sheesh.. how many times can she say this to Hardy in one show. Hardy, of course, goes into weepy mode a few times… personally, all their tears are getting a little long in the tooth for my by this point.

Boy oh boy it sure looked like Will was gonna evict Nichole for a while there… She was all about sucking up all week long. There were segments narrated by Will's DR dialog concerning Nicholes willingness to stab Hardy in the back to stay another week… Bottom line, however, remains that she is nothing but fodder for the ongoing tormenting by Will and why the heck would he toss her out? Hahahaa….

Monica: "If this show was a movie about me, it'd be called 'How Monica Got Her Groove Back'" She was - is - in her glory hard right now… She worked dam hard at staying out of the way of all the crap that has flown around that house… and I think she has earned this time in the sun… and next to Will, I think she has played a fantastic game… his was just more fun to watch. Monica… second place winner… I hope.

Later Hardy… He was pretty cool about recognizing that he lost it a bit thinking he had the tactics in his hip pocket… and was essentially outplayed.

Will… He did really well in the HoH part 1 competition. If he wins…

So Tuesday we find out which two of the three little piggies will be able to compete in HoH on Thursday… If Nichole is in the "two" then it's still a game come Thursday… If she's not…then it's all a moot point. Both Will and Monica will toss Nichole out on her sorry butt if they can.

And so it goes…

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