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sad... (here we go again...)

Well this is just stupid.

and it's gonna have to be this way I suppose... I just read debby's post... and noticed Kellie hiding under as kelly_marie and I wonder about the things they say.

I play here to have fun... not to tolerated.... If I am not your cup of tea... or you filter me out via a friends custom list... then drop me.

Debby suggests that the bus would fill with peeps like minded to her... ok.

I'm dropping peeps in a few minutes based on the lists of people on their list... and while you may be pissed at me... just email me at to tell my I'm off the mark with you specifically and I'll re-attach you to the world that I play in... otherwise... I'll know it's not really a bother for you.

Marriage is a partnership... I have spent 15 years working on mine... and I continue to do so. I have faced challenges in that time... and am facing challenges today that those who ridicule me have no concept of yet in their young lives... What you don't know about me... well shit. You know nothing about me... yet I have told you so much. Your judgments amaze me.

Time for a little Shakespeare: (Henry V)

He which hath no stomach to this fight,
Let him depart.
His passport shall be made
And crowns for convoy
Put into his purse.

We would not die in that mans company
That fears his fellowship,
To die with us.

Time to paraphrase: (corto)

Go fuck yourself...
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