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BB Update!

BB2 Update: The "Fargo meets the House-Mats" Episode

So four Survivors... Gervis and Susan from Survivor 1 and Alicia and Jeff from Survivor 2 actually came into the BB2 house and hung with the house-mats for a day and a night... you know, to boost ratings. quick reminders:
Gervis : lazy ass black guy
Susan : with the ginormous husband and the fargo accent
Alicia : miss silver panties, just a waggeling that finger of hers...
Jeff : "I got a fire buing on my wooly"

Yea, you had to be a Suvivor junky to get those refs....

In Brief
Um, Survivors kick some house-mat butt…
Monica turns her but to ice crystals…
Hardy has fans…
And Fake snow is gross…

So they managed to pack a special reward challenge and a luxury challenge into this episode... even with all the great footage of Nichole being a pain in the ass. The special reward thing was kinda goofy... but it was a winter wonderland... the america's choice thing resulted in weird chemical snow being loaded (blown!) into the back yard of the house... live feeds talk about how weird it felt on their hands and that it tasted evil evil evil... but he, it looked like snow on teevee...

The challenge involved each team - the survivors versus the house-mats tying themselves together (tie wraps! hahaha) and running around the yard collecting giant building blocks to spell out their team name. Once completed they un-tied themselves and had to get a key from the bottom of the mini-pool, hang it up and put out a tiki tourch - com tribal council. The pool, however was ice-water cold. If you found yer key right away and got out you were ok. The house-mats would have won 'cept they left monica trolling for a key for like two minutes... she was frozen stiff... The Survivors won the $15K prize.

The luxury challenge was this code thing with clues. Everybody had to pair off (a house-mat with a survivor) and try to "Break the code". Hardy and Fargo-talk'en Susan won ... the prize? a seat at a computer to look at all your fan-based web sites. Prior to the challenge, everyone got a colour, mounted, print from a single fan web site dedicated to themselves... wow, that grammer sucks... I hope you know what I mean. It was kinda cool for them to see that this kind of "fan" action is going on...

In the end, the Survivors gave everyone a nice talking to about "have fun", "relax" and "don't take this all so personally". They were all busy driving home the idea that "believe it or not, you'll all be friends after you leave this environment" and then fargo pipes up with "It's a game… and for haf-a-milliuun bucks… get nasty!" or something like that… nice.

Most Memorable Moment
So Will is talking to Gervis in the kitchen… they're talking about Will's strategy of lying…
Will: Every week I say "I promise, I won't lie again." And they're like "Ok, we believe you." And then (big arm gesture) I lie again…."
Both of them cracking up in laughter…

Tear Patrol
Well, we were treated a reprieve of the whole Nichole, wo-is-my-freshly-married-ass, cry'en over banners. CBS continues to freak me out with all the banner talk and shows the house-mats reading the follow-up banner - theoretically - from Nicholes hubby man. S T A Y - T O R M E N T W I L L . L O V E C S I (whatever csi stands for…)

Hardy manages to get weepy during the don't vote me off speech saying how much fun he has had and apologizing for being such a dick…

Monica… needs a heated pair of panties …. That's about it.

Nichole, you big big freak. Walks out into the back yard to see the snow for the first time… On the show, everyone is all excited and happy. On the live feeds, she walks outside and immediately says "Oh great… I hate fucking snow." They (CBS) managed to show her griping about the snow, and the stuffed Bear in the back yard…
Nichole: (indoors - talking to self) "Oh sure… Please tell me we don't have to build a freaking snowman"
Others OutSide Yelling: "Yeah!!! We get to build a snowman!"
Nichole: (indoors still) "Yet another Arts & Crafts thing that I suck at…"

(she needs a thumb screw to liven her up)

Will… what you see is what you get… now if you'd just look at me lying to you all the time… I'd be an open book. (that's not a quote… just me paraphrasing his whole existence on the show)

Hardy and Nichole get some air time being all sorry for themselves for not being the big winners…

Well, tonight's the night. Will's revenge! He made noises like he was considering voting to oust Nichole just freak people out… but he wants to earn a little flesh time with Shannon… he'll bop Hardy.

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