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holy crap! I'm practically shaking... Ok I'm cold, but I'm also super phuking busy... 79 minutes into the day and I'm dealing with coving a sick employee on a project, client management, new project planning, re-phuking-orging an entire division within the Mommy Company (the people I actually work for...)
(p.s. where will I find the words - lyric - to the Rockafeller Shank - Fat Boy Slim) and to top it off, I'm just starting to realize that I'm working in the shadow of another potential demon. The 'potential demon' thing is a big deal... from time to time in life you will encounter this person.... He or she works beside you on the org chart but golfs, blows, or otherwise is in-like-flint with your boss's boss's boss! It this guy gets a hard on for u your DOA and that's it. It's happened before (to me) and it'll happen again unless I get super smart and figure the right angle to keep that from even getting close to being possible.

Did I mention that I was cold. We need a hot-tub in this office... (note to self: I gotta join a health club... I'm think'en if I replaced a layer of lazy with a layer of lean I'd prol'y be 'cold' less often.)

Ok, back to work and I'll get around to laughing at the "4 horses of the apostrophe" (Half Wits, House Guests, you know the crew!)

ciao (somebody please tell me if I'm spelling that right!)

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