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BB2 Update!

BB2 Update: The harder they fall!

Well it had to happen... Remember that song by Shakespear's Sister? "Stay"... remember the goth'ed out singer (Marcella Detroit)? Nichole clearly is giving that woman a run for her money in the looking evil department. Tonight's show was essentially a Nomination show but it also brought to a head two months of strategy... brought it to a head and slapped that head ... hard.

Note: I could load this up with spoilers on stuff... it's been days and days since the last show... but I will refrain. Remember there's a show tonight at 8:00pm EST.

(hehe... is anybody old enough to get that reference... the "Boss da plane" thing...?)

In Brief
The HoH Bed Oh'pee challenge ends... Monica wins.
Will is on a roll.
Nichole is hanging on to sanity by a thread... a thin thread.
The thirteenth house-guest is clearly the banner planes... CBS finally acknowledges - on air mind you - the existence of the banner planes.
A fun food competition... but so? Basically, BB piles up a bunch of food and the house-mats have to take what they can carry and run through an obstacle course...
And finally... the nominations that spell the end.
Bottom line: Monica nominates Hardy and Nichole... leaving Will to cast the only vote... dam right he got off that bed and let Monica win HoH.

Most Memorable Moment
You know that look on wee little kids when you turn 'em loose in Toys' R' Us? That look of glee... of unashamed joy. There were a lot of moments in tonight's show, but I've been pulling for Will for the last month and seeing him sit back in the Diary Room saying "There's gonna be a lot of ass kissing this week... and for a change... it won't be me doing it!" with his hands behind his head... That was clearly his moment in the sun.

Out of respect for the almost dead, I didn't make the MMM one about Raccoon Eyes... I mean Nichole.

Tear Patrol
Oh yea... Nichole... During the house-mat's stay on the HoH competition bed... the water bed they had to stay on the longest to win HoH... a banner plane flew past. The thing read something like "N & W in HT: Hurt Jeff" indicating Nichole's new husband in the real world was pissed about her behavior in the Hot Tub with Will... What behavior you ask?
Here's some quotes from Thursday, August 30 live feeds...

Nic shows her breast to Monica
Mon does not seem impressed...
N now asks H as her brother does he like her boobs
N now getting on Will
She is trying to pull of his swim trunk...or show himself to Nic
N saying "You straddle Mon and I lay in front of you and see if you get hard".
They do this and W feels her boobs...then she turns around and does him from front.
Now Nicole is massaging her breasts for the camera, very erotically. She is lying in Monica's crotch "and I'm riding Bunky's cock!"
Now they are trying to convince Will to do some erotic display. No way. Hardy also refuses.
Nicole [to Will] You straddle Monica and I'll see if you get hard. He sits in Monica's lap and Nicole jumps on him frontally and rubs up against him and then yells "let me check! Nothing! he's gay!"
Now Nicole is asking Hardy to let her rub against him in the same way, to see if he'll get hard. He refuses "I can't do it with you sis"
Bunky: c'mon, it's my last night, do it.
Nicole: Monica can check your package.
Hardy does it and Nicole rubs and rubs.
Hardy: "You've crushed my balls. [gets out] that was fun until you crushed my nuts"
Nicole: "You're gay"
Nicole sits in Will's lap, wiggles, grinning.

A little drunk? Oh yea...

Well after she fucks up and takes her hand off the key (what the hell was she thinking...?) she completely looses it... melt down is immanent. The tears flow from Nichole and only Nichole tonight.

Monica, bless her heart, has managed to place herself directly in the path Will's plot... in a good way. She is now HoH... gets some perks from home and could not be happier. She also is - to directly quote Will "My New Best Friend!!"
It seems like Will and Monica made their deal on the water bed... soaked in pee... The deal? Will will take the next deal offered by BB and leave hoH to Monica, Monica nominates Hardy and Nichole, Will votes. Priceless.
Typical quote from the feeds:

Sounds like someone is running a tiny weed whacker (maybe Monica is shaving).. on feed where Nic still tries to sleep.

("weed whacker" hahahaa...)

Now Nichole is another ball of wax... well, she's a ball of something. In keeping with the theme of the show... "no contact" CBS breaks all the rules and calls Jeff... Nicholes husband, and tells him to watch the live feeds... then they train the live feeds on Nichole (note: this is while the three of them are still on the water bed trying to win HoH - Nichole started balling hard after seeing the banner.) She totally begs his forgiveness and professes to have done nothing wrong... I don't actually think he (Jeff) has anything to complain about... hell, people do much worse for a half-million bucks wearing a tie sitting at a board table. Regardless, she's a mess.

Her maddness intensifies after she looses the HoH... The idea is that Hardy and Nic feel Will fucked them by leaving the bed and letting Monica win HoH (he did... to quote Nichole "you played us like a violin" - Yup! he did.) Any ways, she goes anger management out the window crazy being mad at Will. The camera shots of her tear stained, make-up smeared, wine swilling, nutty face are frigg'en beautiful.

Ultimately, hubby-Jeff sends another banner that tells her he loves her and for her to stay. She was saying she was going to take a voluntary exit... Now, I wonder if Jeff even sent the first banner... I mean, what if, for example, Shannon sent the first banner... hahahaha... oh that would be great! Note that she (Nichole) has been hopped up on nicotine, xanex, Tylonal PMs and lot's of wine for about two months now… who exactly is surprised that she's loosing it?

Replaying a scene from the "Bunky Eviction" episode, CBS treats us to the image of Hardy laughing his freak'en ass off as the nature of the water bed HoH competition is revealed... a really great moment. He was utterly overcome with laughter.
Well that lovely mood ended with Nichole removing her hand... and then things really got wingy when Will tossed the challenge. Oh sheesh... the live feeds were burning up with Hardy cursing out - to his face - Will for "turning on us"... No, seriously, he was really fucking mad. However, his anger gave way to real concern for Nicholes state of mind. She was crying and weeping and laying on floors, etc. Hardy: "You really need to go talk to somebody.". This is a reference to the BB2 head shrinker that is on call for the house-mats. Ultimately, Jeff sent her the additional banner and she calmed down. But not before her threats of violence against Will manifested an official warning from BB. Not unlike the warning that Justin received twice prior to his removal from the house. Now Hardy shows his colours when, in the food competition he watched Will stuff food down his pants - which didn't work very well... and when it was Hardy's turn at bat, he rips the food cupboard apart to extract a large cooler thing, filling it with food, and carrying it through the obstacle course.

Will. Yes, I admit it... I'm really liking William the conqueror. He shines in his moment of glory as Nichole walks away from the Bed oh'pee saying to Monica with nothing short of childlike glee "One of them is gonna be leaving this week!!!!" (a reference to Hardy or Nichole leaving).

When he rams all that food in his pants for the competition... it all falls down one pant leg and he has to do the course holding the cuff of his pants. He call's Monica "boss" while they're on the pee bed. And there is just no chance in hell that he has not enjoyed this moment. As he says to Nichole - in the middle of her total freak-out "Too bad… It's the way thes game works!"

Alright so the last gasp of this show is a little sit down with Julie Chen and the formerly famous kids from Survivor and Survivor II… Watch tonight's show for the fun. However, I see that as a lot of filler and ratings stuff….

The fact remains that Monica carried that Nomination Box out to the table with ONE key in it. Uttering the required phrase as she draws out the key "Will, you are safe." The look on his face was screaming "I have the power" and he does. He will vote to evict Hardy - fulfilling his promise to Shannon and enjoy a week of Nichole sucking up to him…

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