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The Gallery

Well, Klimt was everything I had hoped for. First and foremost, it was a nice exp for just Z and I... the kids stayed with my parents for the afternoon. We parked a few blocks from the gallery and wandered through a nice day to get there... picked up our tickets...and went shopping at some curiosity shops in the Byward Market (if you ever come to Ottawa, this is a very eclectic part of the city...)

I picked up the goofiest key chain thing in the world ... and will be including it and a mini-card from the klimt exhibit in my package to theauthoress (so, jane, if you're reading this...don't look at these pictures...)

Yes, I know it's gross... it's exceptionally gross... but all the more fun.

The artist... The Big G (gustov klimt) (18??-1918) was one prolific moo moo wear'en painter of women. He had not less then 14 kids ... a variety of moms doing the hard part and was nothing short of controversial. After reading all the texts and regarding the various studies (sketches) and final paintings... I feel like I've just completed an intensive short course on the guy.

Groovy factoid... a series of paintings he did for a medical university in vienna at the turn of the century (that were non to popular when they were delivered to the commissioners of the works) were later held in the highest regard and hidden in Austria during the second world war. The safe haven in which they hid burned to the ground in 1945 destroying the lot.

Here are thumb's of two of my favorites - and two that he is quite famous for… click them for a really nice big view… but please forgive the marginal scan quality…

I have had three numbered prints of his work under glass on the wall of my room since I was ... umm... maybe 13. A gift from my mom. His work has influenced my doodles and my "tastes" in art for ever!! I feel pretty lucky to have seen this exhibit... And we (Z and I) managed to make a good day of the experience. *(yea!)*
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