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BB Update!!

BB2 Update: There were three on a bed, and little one said, roll over... roll over.

This is just too freak'en funny... I don't know how to begin. I mean, no, it's like... well... ah geez. bwwaaahahahaha... This was the live show. The Loser Lounge Episode... Day 61 in the house of head-cheese and pee. Yea, I said pee. Eviction and a Head of House competition... as I type it's 1:00 am EST, so 10:00 pm in the BB house... and last I checked... the competition was not over. Time, however, marches on!

ps. this has a HoH spoiler in it...

In Brief
We get a goodly dose of the house-mat's diss'en each other, a painfully long lead in to Live Votes, and then a remarkably surprising HoH competition. The best summary I can imagine was delivered by Will as an aside to the camera early in the show.... "Some people have issues... Nichole has a subscription!"

Well, the votes were cast live tonight. We get a segment with Will's brother talking about what Will is like in the real world and then a segment with Bunky's husband... which, btw, answered the questions that started brewing when we were shown a moment of Gregg (Bunky's hubby) writing the letter Bunky got in a luxury competition. When we saw that segment it seemed so show Gregg as possibly disabled or deaf... (voice issues etc.). In the house, there have been moments recounted in the live feeds about Bunky's non-too favourable response to anyone using the term "retard". This all lead to speculation about Gregg. Well, as usually, reality and perception where nothing alike. Gregg just has a painfully nasal voice (e-frigging-gad it would drive me nutty) and Bunky has a mentally handicapped sister. He has a serious hate on for the term retard.
Any ways... Monica gets in the Diary Room and votes to toss Will. Nichole comes in and votes to toss Bunky... after which she gives her now painfully and oft-repeated "I don't want to do this but I have to." (she's such a lemming)
This gives us the first tie in the votes. Best part? Hardy, the HoH, has to cast the tie-breaker out loud, in the livingroom; in front of everybody... he looked mighty pained. Bunky? You're toast.

Most Memorable Moment
Things got underway with a review of footage specifically focusing on all that is bad about Nichole and Hardy... this could have gone on all night! (haha) but thankfully they ended it on a really classic moment. After watching Nic and Lord Hardy pushing everyone around... being general poops and (to my delight) a recap of Will doing the dancing, one-eyed, ass hanging out, painted Nichole doll routine in the Diary Room, we see Will making his heartfelt promises to Nic and Hardy to not nominate them if he wins HoH. The camera is panning across his non-too-shabby bod lying on a towel in the sun as he completes a convo with Nichole... While she walks away he very clearly mutters "Suckers!".

Tear Patrol
After Bunky is tossed into the loser lounge for his interview with the disturbingly anorexic looking Julie Chen we get a series of little "recorded messages" from the rest of the gang to Bunky, saying "see ya"...
Nichole? she's snuffling and wiping away tears like crazy
Hardy? After blabbing on and on... gets choked up... a lonely tear.
Moinca? Looked mighty sad... sounded quivery...
Will? hahaha... not a chance.

Monica went for a total ride courtesy of his Lordship during the Monday meeting… BB decided to tell us about it last night. The living room has these two red chairs that the nominee's sit in during the meeting - from which they plead their cases for staying in the house… Hardy kinda had a brain fart and got all intense about telling Monica to sit in the red chair… as if she was nominated… He was slipping into a kind of dementia born, I think, of his power-addled brain. Needless to say, she was very seriously pissed. She makes a point during the "live vote" of saying she's voting for Will because she can and will not be told what to do (referring to Hardy and his master plan).
Nichole? Holy cow… and I'm not just referring to her weight gain… ahahha.. .no really she's actually not fat at all but she is one of those "I'm fat" obsessives … so I'm teasing her from a distance… Julie Chen asks her about how important the HoH competition is today.. and, of course, Nic goes into how it's the most important of the whole show and how she must win to secure the "outcome we are planning on…" blah blah blah … talk about a psych out.

Buky… his final moments… The bunk is no more. He gets evicted and has moi class in the process… very nice… good boi bunky. The evictee's exit the house into this little courtyard and walk through the evening sun to the loser lounge to sit with Julie. Bunky - for the second time in his life - stands in the light and shouts "I'm out… I'm out!!!" He is reunited with his hubby-man Gregg… who, btw, wraps his arms around Bunky, they lock lips for a second then, while bunky bawls his eyes out on Greggs shoulder, Gregg grabs and holds the top of Bunky's butt… bunky-butt… sounds like a new burger at Chucky Cheeses. "I'll have a bunky-butt with a shake, thanks."
Hardy, his time has finally come. He cannot win HoH and as it turns out… well, it's looking bad for him right about now… hahaha… He is portrayed as having really fallen over to the dark side with the edited segments CBS gives us… and you know what? He really has taken on many characteristics of the great Horned One… what a dick.
Will is classic Will through out this epi and I actually gave an audible WoooHOOO! When Hardy cast the tie-breaker vote that saved Wills ass. Note that later that night in the live feeds Hardy is quoted as saying "I can't fucking believe I saved that guys ass… he's going to turn on us!!" Well duh! You dolt, he's only told you that from day frigging one… and how many banners have been dragged across the sky in the last few days telling you exactly that… what a moron. Any ways… Shannon and Will's brother were waiting in the "meet the latest loser" room, but alas, they will have to wait.

The HoH competitions to date have all been relatively skill oriented… The house-mats are usually given a day or so to practice up on something… US States, Fellow House-Mat trivia… etc. They had no clue what the comp would be tonight…

After the expulsion segment, the house-mats were asked to go out to the back yard… remember that they are all keyed up from being on live national television and they have nothing in their hands… (monica and nichole both smoke but they don't have their smokes… hehehe) and what do they find?

A mini version of the HoH room set up on the B-Ball court. The Bed is a big water bed… The three of them, Will, Monica and Nichole are told to grab their big house keys and all lay together on the bed… They do.
Then they are told to put their keys in the Nomination Box which is in the middle of the bed. Then they are told to not let their hands come off the key and not to put their feet on the ground. The competition? The last person to let go of their key is HoH…. Hahahaha… see ya. Oh, and no sleeping.

Just to make it harder BB offers them incentive to ring this bell on the Nomination Box to accept a tempting offer… the thing is the "tempting offers" are stupid… "A two day spa in San Diago" or something like that… they all demure and look like they're in it for the long haul.

Well by 10:00 pm my time (7:00 Cali time) ALL THREE OF THEM HAD WET THE BED… Will comments to Nichole… "how the hell did you get pee on my neck?" Oh gawd I was frigging laughing myself horse over this… Then - remember that Will is lactose intolerant - Will reminds the others that he was eating cheese this afternoon… pfffft! He starts farting and the girls start SCREAMING… hahahaha … bwaaahahaha… Any ways, they apparently got a sheet to cover their non-smoking, pee-wet, uncomfortable selves with… Will yanks the sheet off of Nichole and over himself. So she gets pissed and grabs the sheet with both hands to yank it back. Bzzzzzt! Nichole is disqualified. Hahaha She totally looses it… the live feeds record that she went hard into bummed out land… sniffling, smoking and drinking wine… in a pee soaked denim skirt… hahaha… some were concerned that she'd do a voluntary exit. I'll check the feeds later and see.

By 8:00 pm cali time, Monica and Will were having whispery conversations while Hardy consoled - and silently cursed - Nichole… then when next BB offered an incentive to quit… Will !!!! rings the bell and wins? Wins the giant bottle of Peanut Butter they (BB) used in one of the food competitions. A booby prize but I think he and Monica have a plan or an agreement.

Bottom Line: Monica is HoH.

That means that two will be nominated and the fourth person will cast the only vote to evict. It cannot be lost on Monica that she cannot nominate Will because whoever is not nominated will simple fry Will - no question - therefore ensuring that Monica is in the final three with the evil twins. Now that's not such a bad plan for Monica because the Jury will never pic Nicole or Hardy and therefore assure Monica of a big bag o'cash.. But I think she is too much conscious of the emotional situation versus the tactical value of the vote and she will nominate Hardy and Nicole just to punish their honky asses. Ahahhahaha… a frigging great show.!!!

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