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BB Update: (just a lil' one.
Ok let's just start with the best part (and unlike the recent update that included the lil'joke about Lipgloss debauching - this actually happened!!!):
at 11:34 last night the internet was treated to full frontal nudity of .... Mr. Invertebrate. Yep, Josh the paragon of virtue dropped his drawers in anticipation of 'nekid trampoline' time. I have to admit, I missed this little event in that it occurred at 2:34 am local time. So, from the transcripts, it is not clear that the trampoline was actually jumped on (and I'm having a few issues with the mental picture of guy jumping off a mini-tramp wearing a smile...).

So here's what happened... after a rousing game of something that involved discussions about 'what would you rather...?' - for example: a mouth full of ticks, or a bum full of worms (serious yuk, I know!) that included much beer for all 'cept of course for Lipgloss who luckily abstained. The game was wearing thin, so Curtis suggests "Pool Time" and out they go - discussing, what else, skinny dipping. Needless to say they remained clothed... but their drunkenness gets the better of them (Josh quote: "I am hammered beyond feeling...") and talk turns to nekid trampolines. From that point forward I'm thinken the chances of a television audience getting to see anything diminish rapidly. Lipgloss is goading the boys on and, of course not at all eager to participate herself - hell, she's swimming in a pair of shorts! It was raining and cold out so I'm also guessing that 'shrinkage' was playing a role... Potty Mouth tells the gang he's gonna shower and try to get warm ... so, it's party in the bathroom time. (basically the whole deal is much like a dorm or frat party). We are treated to Eddie pressing his business up against the shower door. Lipgloss enjoyed that moment apparently. For some reason (snicker) the team refers to lil'Ed as 'corn stalk' - ones imagination runs away!
The banana team is so drunk that they begin falling away to sleep leaving Lipgloss to talk 'deeply' with Josh. Alas, nothing worth reporting there - 'cept that Mr. Saboteur did not get around to his responsibility of messing with the clock.
Today will be a red letter day for the show. I expect a four way tie in the voting.
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