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BB2 Update!!

BB2 Update: The Bully and the Bitch Show...

Well maybe there is a god after all... we'll see on Thursday. Right now, from all I can get out of the live feeds (although I'm a day behind) and the show, it's looking like Will is golden and the Bunk is toast. The only real reason is that Hardy is just so caught up in his opinions.

We were treated to some serious Nichole tonight... Scenes straight out of her darkest PMS moments. It was the "Edit Show" so we had three days of goofing around to look at, a luxury competition, the America's choice thing and a shit load of watching Nichole be an outstanding snarky biatch!!

Ok, these reality shows always have a way of letting you down so I have no great expectations but it would be just frigging purrrrfect if Will made it through eviction night, wins Head of Household and then nominates Hardy and Nichole.... OMG, Nichole will frigging leap across the table when Monica's key is pulled out of that box... That would be the best moment in reality television for me ever. haha

In Brief
Alrighty... lets review:
~ In and amongst all the lying and plotting we had a luxury competition... the house-mats decorate these foam people cut-outs (two dimensional 1 foot tall "dolls" to look like themselves then use helium balloons to float the dolls in baskets... quickest floater wins the prize - well actually the two quickest win. Will and Bunky win and get to go for a Helicopter ride as a prize.
~ the "America's choice" prize was a shopping spree for sportswear (very funny).
~ we get loads of info that seems to point towards Bunky getting the boot on Thursday.

What a hoot! Ok ok, lot's of plot stuff but the competitions were ripe ground for growing evil deeds between the house-mats. And Nichole? Holy Fuck she is just so seriously out of bounds and nasty… wow! What's up is that Monica spent time talking to Queeny Nic and managed to show her the error of her ways… believing anything Will said. Specifically, Nichole bought Wills' story about UT being a big deal when in fact it was nothing more than the house-mats that were not in Chill Town sitting around watching the game and calling themselves a name… Oh and the card thing that Krista was doing??? Using playing cards to talk to the other UT members about who to evict? Apparently dude (Will) made the whole thing up… ahahaha…

Any ways, Nichole just frigg'en looses it in terms of having a serious hate on for Will. Reading the feeds shows that she was seriously conflicted … really liking Will and hating his ass hard at the same time… the TV show presented only the "I hate Will" version of things…

Most Memorable Moment
Absolutely the most memorable moment came in the "doll making" or decorating challenge. Oh my god, it was funny! These are people shaped one inch thick pieces of styrofoam - white Styrofoam. So first, Nichole goes mental with "I FUCKING HATE THIS! I SUCK AT ARTS AND CRAFTS" over and over and over… meanwhile, the rest of the gang really gets into it. Apparently Bunky made a really good one, but the bottom line is all Nichole related. She high tails it to the Diary Room to bitch about the challenge… "I would rather shave my head bald than do this!!!!" (yea right!)

She comes back to the craft table looking like BB told her to do it or forget about the rest of the Luxury Challenge. Will offers to help her… she says "just do it for me, cause I'm not fucking doing this…" and he does… oh lord, he does. He draws boobies with downward pointing nipples and ass cheeks. She has a minor freak, then he paints on her default blue bathing suit.
Her comments? "You can still see my nipples through that!"
Him: "I'm not done yet…"
(few minutes later)
Her: "What the hell is that?"
Him: "That's your ass… It's your ass and it's creeping out!" (her but cheeks are drawn to hang out on the sides of the bathing suit bottoms…
Her: uncontrolled fission reaction. !!! hahahahahahbwbwwaaahahahaha…
(few more minutes later)
Her: No idea, she's gone to sulk in her bed…
Him: He's in the diary room… He's glued on googly eye in the middle of her forehead and a knitted brow above it… and he's doing an impersonation of her "Hey look, who left that towel on the floor… My name's Nichole and I don't like to have any fun…I'm angry all the time…" etc. Just priceless. More on the "doll" challenge later…

Tear Patrol
Well the Monday meeting is the chance to air grievances and for the nominees to plead their case for being allowed to stay. Will just says he's been having fun and wants to have more fun. Bunky? Bunky cries. He goes on a bit about how much fun this has been… blah blah but basically paints himself as the guy that's leaving and that there's not a lot he can do about it. Seems like he's right.

Well Monica has class as usual… right up until the "America's Choice" award… The kids win a shopping spree… Translation: BB locks them in the yard and loads up the living room with racks of designer clothes… shoes, dresses, pants, exercise gear, jewelry, sunglasses… The house-mats line up to enter the house… they have 90 seconds to browse… then 90 seconds to PUT ON everything they want… if you're wearing it when the final whistle blows (they blow a toot every 15 seconds…) it's yours.
Well, everybody is dressed in the least they can get away with, the boiz in underwear, the girls in swimwear.
It was a frigging mad house and I was choking in laughter when at the final whistle both Monica and Nichole fall over, unable to move. They have like 10 shirts on, dresses, shoes on their hands, and maybe three pairs of pants pulled up to their knees… it looked kinda like a Neiman Marcus Bondage thing… Monica was so fricking happy she could barely stand it. She was in her complete glory strutting around in her CFM boots and bikini…

Nichole… wow… she was threatening violence all over the place… she's making Justin look like a pussy. Ok, so she's talking to Monica in the first few minutes of the show ... "I'm always totally honest with you." she says... HA! She is one big constant lie... She goes on, as I mentioned to get amazingly bummed out... why? Will and Bunky win the Doll Competition. They are given their dolls in little fruit baskets and the yard is set up with stations for each house-mat. Each station has a helium tank, ribbons and a bunch of big, bigger and biggest balloons. Nichole is feeling very much like she is going to win and ends up loosing horribly. When Will and Bunky are off enjoying their Helicopter ride... she was so completely bummed out that she starts blaming Will for everything wrong in the world. "I will kick the crap out of Will... I really will."

Lord God King Hardy.
So the Doll competition was fun because the kids have to blow up these balloons. Hardy is busy pumping up to launch his basket and overfills a balloon... it, of course, explodes rather loudly.
Will: "Hardy? you ok?" (we see and hear exactly this on the TV)
Turning to the feeds, we hear Hardy's response...
Hardy: "ahhhhhhh I'm fucking deaf!"
When Bunky and Will win the competition, they have to don blindfolds and are walked to a special exit to get into the Helicopter. Hardy is leading blindfolded Bunky to the exit... and straight into a door >>WHACK<< (poor Bunky).

William the conqueror! He continues along his all too constant path of lying through his teeth... He's promised Hardy and Nichole both that he will not nominate them both if he wins HoH... and then come to the DR and indicates clearly that this is his plan... to nom them both. When he wins the Helicopter reward his comment "I've never been on a Gay date. I've never been on a Helicopter date. I've certainly never been on a Gay Helicopter date!!" He totally enjoyed his trip. He came to Nichole and tried to make peace... no go. She came to him (when he was in the shower no less) and said "I'm getting a bottle of wine to keep my blood pressure down and WE are going to talk...". The two of them sit at the round table outside (everyone else leaves them alone) and they have it out... well, basically, she starts with "If you sit there and say 'yes nichole, your right Nichole, I swear I'm going to slit your wrists..." He concedes all kinds of things and focuses on the idea that he finds it easy to be the guy that people dislike versus being like Hardy - always trying to be liked. She gets up and walks away as if they have reached a consensus and Will looks up and makes this great "I am so going to fuck you up" face to the camera... hahahaha... I loved that!

Bunky starts making a good point about how Will and Hardy do more "gay" things than he ever does... Facials, body shaving, eyebrow plucking. At which point Hardy actually jumps up to say "I do NOT pluck my eyebrows... someone else plucks them for me!!!" (no really, he said this). Bunky very accurately suggests - in a private conversation with Monica - that if they rename this show they should call "The Bully and The Bitch" referring, of course, to Hardy and Nichole. He and Will take a moment, as the show ends, to really trash talk Hardy and Nichole... but mostly Nichole.

Well what the hell... Bunky goes 'cause Hardy wants to keep laughing with Will and is afraid (or so he says) of Bunky's skill at the competitions. So then it's just Monica, Will, Hardy and Nichole. Nichole has said clearly that if Will yanks her chain once more she will vote him out... and if he stays... she has threatened him with so much physical violence it's just crazy.

See you Friday.

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