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Lj is really seriously under the weather today... It seems that it cannot load any of the BML pages... which means... I can't log in, I can't reply to posts, etc....

So if I can't read you ... I'll just sit here and talk...

I forgot to share some fun news... Yesterday when I got home from work there was a message from "Loblaws" waiting on my answering machine. I talked about going to this "anniversay party" play day in the parking lot of the local big-box grocery store... pony rides, etc. I entered George and Edward in a draw to win a prize from the people that make danon yogurt... that's the sinfully delicious yogurt with cream cheese in it... Any ways... the call was to say that Geo had won!!!! I drove right over to pick up his new "Play Tent". It's this groovy little number that "pops" up. It's one of those mobius strip tents. So it's packed in a circular bag and when you take it out of the bag, you just let go. It pops up into a little two-kid sized tent... you need to do up this support zipper to make the full-on A frame out of it. There are no zippers on the "flap doors" at either end so it wont keep any bugs out but it's a sure fun play tent!!!

At lunch today I bought two twenty gig hard drives... I'm going to install them (well one for sure) tonight. First, one in Z's computer... it'll just be a slave and that will be way straight forward... Mine, on the other hand will be less straight forward. I'm trying to decide about actually frying my O/S and re'installing... we'll see.

Um... kitykity your story and pictures from the vacation are wonderful. You seem very happy and you look fantastic. I love the pic of the whole family that the "passers by" took for you. The idea of asking someone to "take our picture" always reminds me of the scene in the movie "no small afaire" where the elderly couple asks Jon Cryer to do this... he gets their camera and burns the whole roll of film on them... snap snap snap snap... Ok, it was funny in the movie. As for the other comment ... I'm filled with ? marks...

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