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Lj Birthday Babies...

Happy Late Birthday Liz Baby

I'm hoping Lj is working today so I can post this birthday wish... 'cause this one means the world to me...

Miss Vang, the super chiquita from Toronto, is having a birthday - well, had one yesterday. If you don't know lizvang, let me tell you that she is not only the owner of my dream lips... no seriously, I could go on all day about her bottom lip, but she is, generally speaking, one amazing young woman.

If she's not jumping out of airplanes, or building up her personal web space... she can be found playing in Lj, brawling with the undeserving (~christina reference!!! hahahaha~) or making people smile at a Live Journal party...

Liz, I hope you have a wonderful year... I hope kisses keep that lip soft, and that warm hearts time-share with you as much as mine does.

Happy Birthday to yo! Happy Birthday to yo! Happy Birthday Liz-a-lip-licious, Happy Birthday to you…

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