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dam.. just saying "yahooby" makes me feel like a muppet.

Just read this in an email trailer from a coworker...

"Look in your rear view mirror.
If you see the ocean,
you're going in the wrong direction."

~ something silly... Click this linkto get a screen shot of my desktop at work snapped mere moments ago... it's a screen grab from Chillcam...

Ok... gotta get a little work done then head to the post office... (and make a phone call sugar shasta).

psssst: no seriously!!! I am bursting inside... I've got that incredible high happy feeling inside... you remember how I would get like this all the time... well it's crawling out of it's hiding place and taking over today... I LOVE this feeling... my toes are tapping and I'm feeling loved... ahhh this is good mojo.

ps. this is a really good!!! song.

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