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BB2 Update

BB2 Update: Smack! Hello? Hardy... wake up you bonehead!

So the "special night" bb episode was the HoH selection show for the week that got all messed up to fix the problem created for the series when Justin-credible held that knife to Krista's neck (et al.) Tossing him off the show meant they needed to make up a week... and this was it. There is no "live" show tonight... and it'll be a "nomination" show on Saturday (at 9:00pm EST).

BB is certainly trying to make things entertaining for the House-mats ... however it's very quickly becoming "all about the end-game" and the immense stupidity of some of these people is really shining through...

In Brief
Hardy wins HoH and he's a dick. (gee, do I seem a little biased?)

We are treated to every type of Bunky tear in the book as a start to this show. Idiot boy (Bunky) confesses to going for the cash on the PB&J thing... makes me think that the right way to have played that would have been to hang up the phone (when he found out he won the money) and immediately cheered for himself and fessed-up instantly. Of course... he bawls...
Nichole is retaining water... self proclaimed (btw) and is acting killer bitchy. She's yelling at people and being all testy...
They managed to select a HoH tonight... It was this cool game to follow up on car racing theme from the previous show. Hardy and Bunky won the right to compete (dam it would have been fun to see 'em all compete) by racing their r/c cars through an obstacle course following an order representing the sequence in which peeps have been evicted from the house. hardy wins with a time of 207 seconds... against Bunky who got 220. But Hardy almost lost it... almost... his car went off the "bridge" over the endless pool and just barely managed to get stuck on its rear axel.

Most Memorable Moment
The America's choice thingi from last week was a chance to get a letter from home... Nichole wants this more than tampons... She does not win. Bunky wins... (so he, of course, bawls). After Bunky goes into the DR to get this letter we are treated to the a scene of the queen-of-mean holding her head saying "I think America hates me!" (well duh! you nominated Krista! haha...)

Tear Patrol
Geez where to start... oh yea... with Bunky. Bawl bawl bawl... so it took the bunkmister all of an hour to cave in and admit it... (the cash grab for PB&J) Him, sitting in the DR room contemplating the money... "and nobody will ever know it was me" Yea... Hello? Bunky... have you been reading the banners that have been flying past the house EVERY SINGLE day? There are no secrets in the BB house. Any ways, he cries a lot. Then he get the America's choice prize (letter from his husband Greg) and ... cries a lot.
The gang gets to record a message to send home to their families... They (BB) keeps it private except they do show us snippets of each message... everybody crying away... Hardy getting choked up ... except? Well, Will of course... he keeps wanting to start over recording a message to ... to??? Shannon.
Oh did I mention Nichole cry'en away after not wining the America's choice thing?

Monica? Monica is all tight with Bunky... what that will get her? I'm not so sure... but Hardy won HoH... so everybody will be tortured by him... including Monica.
Nichole? Ok so listen... when Nic, and Will go into the HoH room to talk with Hardy about strategy... Hardy is just frigg'en evil. He's got Nic rubbing his shoulders, "get me a drink Nic"... "do this" "do that"... blah blah blah... basically he's just lording his power (significant power mind you) over everyone. And Nichole is just playing along... it's almost sad to read about her just fearing him...

The whole HoH competition was one big testosterone party... I mean remote-control cars??? hahaha...
Bunky has lost his spine... all two inches of it... for $5000!! (actually, power to him) Now Nichole wants Will out over Bunky and they both (Nic and Hardy) think Monica is "no threat".
Will? he had a hair cut. Nichole gave him a major hair cut yesterday morning. And Hardy had a black hair colour treatment... so as someone noted on the feeds... it'll be hard to quickly tell them apart in the dark...

Ok this is the part I've been dying to get to... Hardy has had these long whispery talks with Will and Nichole. He (hardy) is so sure he has the plan! He talks about "who is the biggest threat?". Now I'm just thinking about what a tool he is... he's not remembering that what matters is who will vote for and against you when all the evicted house-mats come back to pick between the last two. So Hardy and Nichole have been evicting the most "fun" or "popular" people since the very beginning... not a single evicted person has any love for either of them. As long as the final two is only one of those two, whomever they are against will be voted to win. So...
Hardy (HoH) Only votes to break a tie...
He's been saying (and for all I know they've already done the noms - but I think it's tomorrow) he wants to nominate Will and Bunky. That leaves Nichole and Monica to vote.
Monica will not vote against Bunky and Nichole will not vote against Bunky... so Will is toast... and even if nichole (who is just as spineless as bunky when it comes to following hardy's commands) does vote to evict Bunky... Hardy will break the tie and toss Chill Town.
bye Will. (rats... he's such a lark on this show!)

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