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BB2 Update

BB2 Update: A tear! Will Shed's a tear!

So no show last Saturday and an extra show on Wednesday (at 8:pm EST btw) and then the Thursday show... phew... That's a load of Big Bro. Well they have a bucket of material to work with from the last few days... and they dipped heavily into it for tonight's show.

In Brief
Oh my ... could they be any sadder about tossing Krista?
Bunky, Nichole, Monica, Hardy and lord-love-a-duck, Will all shed tears about Krista... (phat lot of good that's doing her!)
We get a little plot, then a luxury challenge and a food challenge... followed by?? a whole bunch of plot... It's really all about who gets HoH... that is the in-house directors chair.

Most Memorable Moment
"I just don't feel like a good person." ... this from Bunky after he sells his fellow house-mats down the peanut butter and jam river for five grand. Ok... you need to see the big picture. The food competition was a deal where the lab rats run into the house and find the hidden pb jar. Each jar has a secret number stashed under the lid. Everyone finds one.
Then one at a time the kids are called to the Diary Room to be asked "Will you eat PB&J for 5 days and subject everyone else to PB&J for $2500? If they say no, they are offered $5000 for 4 days of PB&J... no again? they are offered $7500 for three days. Now if more than one rat sells out the gang... they all look under the PB Jar lids are the lowest "secret number" wins. Now BB went to significant lengths to ensure that the game itself kept secret the name of the greedy bastards that sells out the others. In the end, hardy took it for $7500 while Bunky dove at $5000. Bunky ended up with the lowest number so the kids are eating PB&J for 4 days. There is no frigging way in hell that Bunky will not crack... He was just totally breaking down in the DR ... America has watched this man loose at least 18 lbs... and most of that has to have been tears... Any ways, he will completely loose it soon - emotionally that is. (he does every other day... so this is a safe bet!)

Tear Patrol
This episode started with a recap of tossing Krista from the house... We got to see that priceless moment when she (K) says to Nichole "See ya at the end." and chuckles after it's announced that she is the next house-mat to meet Julie... oh that was sweet... it totally left Nichole bent with guilt. Bunky? Guilt city... Will, holy moly... well actually he did say he was "acting weak" but I think he genuinely feels like a piece of poop for not tossing Krista a bone (sympathy vote). Hardy? remains the ultimate game player and basically a hard-assed, two faced, reactionary type Class B personality - easily lead and quick to judge.
Now, the only other tears tonight were from the sell-out, Bunky, as it sinks in that he is going to be found out and he is going to break down... oh yea.

Nichole is acting somewhat goofy... Z watched the whole show last night... the first time since the first show... (she's just not been into this series) and she really had the sense that Nichole was a bitch. I basically confirmed this... she has been an evil bitch but basically an ultimate game player, so power to her.
Monica? is doing her best to get into the fun zone with the gang... her option, of course, is being tossed next for being such a pain. Note: she'll be tossed next regardless (well, unless Bunky or her wins HoH) I know who wins HoH... but I'm not saying in case you're keen on finding out tonight...

Geezus christopher... Will is just the consummate demonic human... for this I think I love him. hahaha... The guy looks great... no, I mean seriously what is not beautiful about the way he looks... as far as that goes with men... although he does have to use buckets of something called "hair relaxer" to keep his major puffy head to not look like a cycling helmet. He did pass on all the $$ offers for the PB&J challenge... He dropped a tear over diss'ing Krista although he recovers by telling us in the DR that he just "had to make sure Monica saw the tear so that he could continue to appear weak and likeable.
Hardy? I like this guy less and less with every passing second of the show. He is a classic example of so many things that are wrong with people... he is two faced and does not even realize it... the sort of guy that believes his own lies.
Bunky??? Bunky was on a bit of a roll - right up until he lost his frigging mind and sold out for $7500. He won the Luxury Comp. The house-mats were given groovy orange one-piece jump suits and each had a block of ice. In the middle of the block was a movie ticket. First person to get the ticket and depo it in a box gets to pick a partner and watch American Pie II on a 60 inch rear projection teevee in the HoH room with loads of treats.
Bunky wins ... he had enuf sense to use water to melt the ice instead of brute force hacking... But ... when he goes to select the partner he asks everyone to give him a reason for selecting them... Monica and Will both bow out and say pick someone else... Nichole is dying to see the movie and Hardy as well... So Bunky pics Monica????? WTF ... totally drops the "play the game" strategy ball there...


Ok… the way I see it is that the HoH is going to have to pic nominations to avoid a Tie or he/she will be the tie-breaker… earning them moi un-love from the voters when the end of game comes along…
All that's left is;

Hardy will vote Will, Bunky and Monica
Monica (will vote to expel Will / Hardy / Nichole but unless she's HoH or Bunky is HoH… she's gonna be nom'ed)
Nichole (won't vote to expel Hardy)
Bunky (won't vote to expel Monica)
Will He'll vote against anyone! But I'll bet he keeps Nichole because he knows he'd win against her in a final two.

That means one HoH and Two Nominees… therefore two voters. Either the noms give the voters a clear choice or the HoH has to break a tie.

Oh,… I'd just love to talk about who got HoH… but there'll be another "update" tomorrow so we'll talk then.


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