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Morn'en Lj...

Ok, this is getting silly. Every morning I'm in this stupid rush to blast out of the house... I make it to the bus stop with barely seconds to spare before the bus is there. The problem? Do you realize how long it takes to look stupid on purpose? hahaha... I think I'd go for a suggested "emotion" to evoke in a morning picture... at least I'd have some kind of a goal. hmmmm?

I'm thinking I'm in the male version of an ovulation cycle… lil'swimmer-less as I may be… I'm seeing likely candidates everywhere - actually it must be the weather *(which is just amazing btw)… you know, warm enough to warrant the entire outfits that would fit into a kindersurprise egg and a wee chill-in-the-morning air.. ok, sorry but I make no pretense to not be a bit of a dog sometimes. :D

~ fav point-zero t (dark blue)
~ nice dress pants... cuffs and this dark gray / blue colour...
~ groovy sox, black with white diamonds...
~ the hush puppies.
~ d&g and a smile.
~ to quickly pound out a BB2 Update on the way to work..
~ to be busy as hell all day today... I'm seriously "billable" at work this and next week with just tons of work... errrgggg... (where's my cushy job that pays me to sit around and journal all day?)
~ to be at a client site by 8:45… which basically means… Goodbye!
~ to watch the special BB2 epi on teevee tonight (8:00 EST)
~ to talk to an angle
~ I had more time...
~ that things go ok for gina tonight... gina-batina, I wish I had more time to write but life has just been tooo much lately.
~ my pal wrapper gets good news from his Doc... or did i miss the results of that test already... (and I hope it didn't hurt tooo much!!)
~ I can find the time to write to the peeps I really need to write to today... and ps. that includes you sylph.

Ok, L8er Sk8ers... (and I got that 8's thing from miss oggabooga herself... krussell

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