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BB2 Update

BB2 Update "This is Cake... I could do this everyday for the rest of my life..."

Well this was a strange one. Not your average Loser Lounge Episode by a long shot. You could drown a full grown rat in all the tears that were shed tonight... 'specially if you included mine in that puddle.

Right off the bat lemmi' say that I have officially fallen behind on the live feeds... I'm thinking I will have to grin and bear it 'cause I'm going away for the weekend and that will bring the total disposable days to like 5... I'll never catch up. I'll start fresh Monday....

The network is working it's magic now for the final segments of the show... fortunately for me there will be no show this Saturday and there will be an additional show on this coming Wednesday (at 8:00 pm).

I have no idea who they loaded in as HoH but I suspect they had that competition last night or they will have it today... Make my day and reply to this update with any news you may have!! :D

In Brief
Julie Chen really went to town with the drama talk... her writers went all out with the $15 sentences trying to describe the intensity of the house-mat drama that brought them all to the ultimate head-phuque .... voting live. You just gotta know that Bunky lost it hard... but we'll get there.
Bottom Line: My girl Krista has been tossed. She was in fine - no really, very fine - form for her exit... looked just beautiful. She even had enough class to call Will on his low-down behaviour.

Most Memorable Moment
BB spent some time focusing on each of the house-mats and giving us a feel for how hard this week has been for them... lots of kivitching about the intensity and pressure of living there... they are all close to tears as they discuss this one at a time in the Diary Room. Then Will comes on... "Life in the house is great. This is cake to me! I could do this everyday, indefinitely, for the rest of my life."
Oh, and one more small moment of priceless-ness... BB tells us that everyone is starting to imagine what they would do with the money if they win... We see the typical "take care of my mom, pay off my brother's house" type answers... then (of course) comes Will... "I'd try to make all good investments... Jewelry and Pork-Bellies" - there is no way in hell that wasn't an Ophelia reference...the pot-bellied pig. hahahaha...

Tear Patrol
Well, everybody cried today... besides me crying when Krista is met by her brother and from Mike Boogie - carrying a little bouquet of flowers... I thought for a minute he was going to be snubbed... but she was totally bawling...
We are treated to Nichole crying in the Diary Room over nominating her "friends" and again in her farewell message to Krista - which Krista totally trashes... (she - Krista - had a good run of class over saying things like "Nichole played a great game and she's my friend... but I will vote against her and I don't think she will win...")
The show gives us the typical Thursday epi room view of the remaining mats sitting around waiting for Julie to want to chit chat - and they were all dressed btw (dam!) but wait... what is this... Julie is going to have the three voters play their cards LIVE... Well ain't that the shit and all! First batter up? Bunky.
He comes in to the Diary Room, sits down, and on national teeveee totally breaks down... he's absolutely sobbing... and therefore does what his master wants... votes for Krista.
Next? Hardy. He whimpers for a bit... shed's a few then toughens up to vote for Krista.
Lastly comes Will. Now they only needed the first two votes... but they do all three, of course and in comes this guy that told Mike Boogy he would look out for Krista and he can't even toss her a bone... prick. She call's him on this… right at the door, before she exits "You couldn't even give a single vote?"
Monica is really torn up at the door… she hollers her cries… really moving stuff folks.
In the loser lounge with Julie she (Krista) totally bawls when she's listening to the various messages recorded by the other mats. Then, of course, is reduced to mush by her brothers appearance and Mike Boogie being there…

Holy Domination batman!!!! She, the Queen of all she surveys (Nichole), quite completely is the boss of Bunky. Hardy has a moment of looking like he'll rebel against her Iron Fist but … he does as he's told. They gave us a beautiful moment of Nichole yelling at Hardy "You're dismissed!" and he leaves… hahaha… he should of tossed a glass of water on her.
Krista!!! Julie asked Krista if she knows why Justin was expelled from the house… and from what we were able to see, she really does not remember him holding a knife to her throat and asking her if it would be ok if he killed her "right now"… Julie didn't tell her, but she did say that Krista will be informed during a commercial break. Wow!!!
Monica was just totally fucked. Sorry, but she was seriously in the place angry people go when they are highly off-put!

Will… yup he's weak… and from a quick check of the live feed tranies today he is seriously beat up about not voting for her… of course this could be just more of the same from Will… A never ending stream of lies.
Hardy managed to make the reasonable point that Krista was the obvious choice for expulsion … she was the biggest threat.
Bunky? Bunky had all his chest hair shaved! And a target (concentric circles) shaved into his back… what else is there to say?

Well… the HoH competition is delayed until Monday and I have no idea when they (CBS) will broadcast it… but who will nominate who?
Nichole cannot win (as far as I know… although they - BB - have special rules for the final few weeks of the show)
Hardy? He'll nominate Will and Bunky.
Bunky? He'll nominate Nichole and Hardy… hahahahah dam - that would be a scream!
Monica? Oh, yea! She'll nominate Hardy and Nicole
Will? He'll nominate Hardy and Monica.

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