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BB2 Update

BB2 Update: The "It changes to it is by myself." episode

That little gem was courtesy of Monica, the Zen Master. She was talking about the effect the prize money has had on people... Yea. Whatever! The freak show continues...

The live feed texts have been priceless lately... I've bunch of quotes for this update... I hope you don't mind. :D This was definitely the Monica show as prophesized during the first month ... she who lived so deeply under the radar was bound to come out. The voting strategies and the fact that there's only six people left have forced her to the front... and it's sure looking like she'll be here for another week or two. It's just not looking good for my girl Krista!

In Brief

All-about-Monica turns into all-about-Will... read a paper or fix your hair, then fade to all-about-Bunky, and rest with all-about-who-gets-evicted.


The house-mats have been wiping their feet on each other for 42 days... that's a long-assed time! The show opens with a focus on Monica and her anger at being nom'ed, but it quickly turns to Will for the middle half of the show. BB brings out this silent film marquee style scene introduction thing... first scene "When Will met Nichole." They went through this whole cheesy stick showing them as mortal enemies and the development of their current alliance. All the while giving us ample reason - by virtue of his Diary Room entries - to think that ... no, to be certain that Will is the most evil human in the house and I personally cannot help just loving this guy for his cold hearted honesty and overall playfulness-without-regard-for-human-feelings. It's what this show is all about. Destroying the human spirit... one head fuck at a time.

We got to see a replay of the classic Will confrontation of Nichole with his "You know you love me." deal... He wraps up the whole Nichole relationship with a DR entry that goes something like "What Nichole and I have in common is that we both really like me." This guy is a living, breathing, thesis topic.

Most Memorable Moment
Electing to fix his hair versus enjoy a luxury reward... CBS launches into the worlds most pathetic and stupid Luxury competition. The prize is three minutes in a room filled with newspapers. They answer current event true false questions "gasoline rises above $3 per gallon across country" --- "false" Bunky and Will... two guys that have never won anything, win this. When they go in the room Bunky panics and Will stands there fixing his hair in a mirror. Will dumps on this "luxury" hard... hard enough to get called into the DR a couple of times.

Tear Patrol
Nichole, comfy in her role of "queen of all that she surveys" manages to squeeze out a couple when the Monday meeting becomes a veritable love fest of good vibes... this versus the divisive and horrible history of those meetings.... Besides that and a quick reminder of Bunky bawling over voting for Kent, the tears were in short supply... and with the level of ethics still left in the house I suspect that only Hardy will be cry'en the big ones from here on in. Well, maybe Bunky too...

Monica was one seriously pissed off girl... who managed to see the frigging light and stop shooting herself in the ass every time she opened her mouth... now she's all about smiles and warmth. (pathetic...)
Nichole... This woman is not someone you want after you... dam. She's cold, cruel and really stupid... a bad combination. She is so completly snowed by Will... he even comes on in DR saying "She trusts me completely... and she shouldn't."
Will put the girls on the spot on Sunday... seems that people are getting purty dern comfortable in one another's presence in the BB house... consider the implications of this quote from the feeds;

krista - he's shaving his balls right now -
monica - don't look..
krista - he's shaving his balls oh my gawd -
cam snaps to the front of the house (the place the camera shows when they don't you to see what's happening...)

Krista is on her way out tomorrow night... unless Hardy votes with his dick. She is so dam cute... collapsing in laughter when the pot-bellied-pig scares the crap out of Monica (who warmed up to having a pet in the house quite nicely thank you very much...). The trampoline (the America's choice award) showed up on Sunday morning... Krista is the first to see it... keeping in mind that BB talks to the house-mats over a PA system all the time, here's an exchange when she first sees the Tramp (no, not Nichole, the trampoline)

Kr keeps saying "Oh, my god!" Can I go get Will?"
BB says absolutely anyone you want.
Kr wakes up W and he runs outside and jumps on.
Kr says we only get it for a week.
W - that is all I need. Thank you America.
Kr now reading the instructions to W. No summersaults or flips. No shoes. No pigs. Trampoline will be removed if rules are broken. No glasses either.
W- Monica!
Kr- she is probably getting dressed. It's not tight enough. Where is the basketball? They took it. No jump shots.
BB- basketball and trampoline don't mix.

I love that last line.

We are treated a few before and after shots of Bunky... the original love handled, puffy Bunky and the new and improved lean Bunky machine. While we're talking about Bunky... From the live feed transcripts;

hardy - am I uncomfortable around you bunky??
bunky - well your not a stereotypical straight guy
b - i don't think the show will last that long
h - what i'd do for a bucket of hot grease
b - so your into kinky sex too hun?
h - no i just want to throw it on you

Hardy is all about his love hate relationship with Kirsta... and it ends on hate.
Again, from the live feeds, hardy tries to tell a joke;

Hardy "I'm so smart my dad calls me son."
Bunky laughs. He points out that he's screwed up the joke. Says, "Take two" in a joking manner.
Hardy laughs at himself. Says in a little boy voice, "I'm so BRIGHT my dad calls me son."

In a playful mode, Hardy and Bunky are playing a role-reversal game with each other... Hardy is playing the part of a flaming homosexual while Bunky tries desperately to act straight... This leads to a moment when Hardy shows up no shit) wearing a bikini thong and a headband with one of Monica's wigs. He's dancing all over the place and the girls say he looks like a Fabio wannabe. Well to even the score, Bunky goes for the gold... as expressed in this live feed quote:

Bunky: Lay on the bed, on your back, and I'll act like I"m humpin you!
Monica: I don't care!
Bunky: All he's gonna see is my hairy ass! And then he'll run out, come on lets have some fun!
Monica lays on the bed.
Bunky: Like I know how to do this!
Monica: Wait a second, let me get my legs open!
Bunky: He's gonna see my hairy ass and my legs!

The producers took a stab at turning the tables on Hardy last night... painting him with less than complimentary colours. Sorry but I've always found him to bit of a dick... he's a beautiful man but he's so frigging wishy washy and transparent it bugs me.
Will is being himself... manipulative, evil, playful and hilarious. The kids are bored so they're coming up with games to play on their hosts... they discuss doing the Thursday show without clothing... and Julie Chen - the brunt of many of their jokes is considered in this quote from the feeds;

Will - talking in Julie voice 'Hello houseguest - oh my gawd they are all buck ass naked - I quit!"

I don't know... maybe I was tired when I was reading it but I needed a kleenex after reading that.

Well Nichole seriously wants Krista out of there... it looks to me like the liar (Will) will vote for her although it could be a 3-0 wash. That makes this coming HoH competition the most important of the game and the most fun will be had if Monica wins it.

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