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BB2 Update: The Brain Fart Episode!

K, so I'm a fan right, so I love this stuff... but that doesn't mean I don't get to think that some of these house-mats could perhaps be harvested for their water and therefore actually have value... This was the nomination epi... The untelevised and televised drama's that unfolded in the effort to make the nominations, let alone complete the food challenge were just one long series of brain farts (bf).

In Brief
Krista lies to Nicole.
Bunky lies to Nicole.
Will lies to Nicole.
Will lies to Krista.
Monica gets mad.
Bunky hides.
Nicole lies to Krista.
Monica gets mad.
Hardy spies on Will.
Will lies to Nicole.
Nicole gets weepy.
Hardy lies to Krista.
Nicole nominates Krista and Monica.
oh, and then Monica got really mad.

Some details...

The show got underway with a schtick about how Bunky voted for Kent. Like this was a big deal. Kirsta is shown aggressively and subversively diss'en theBunk because he "voted for his friend!!" What they don't tell you ... they don't even hint at... is that Nicole actually articulates that Bunky is not a threat to her and that he voted for Kent because she told him to and that it was a test to see if she could control his vote. He, Bunky, plays up this idea in his one-on-one with Nicole... Worse still, if you go back a couple of shows... you see Kent telling TELLING Bunky to vote with the house to protect his position. And if you're a glutton for punishment... go back even further, Bunky is full screen saying he's here to win... So of course he's gonna vote for Kent - for many reasons - but not because Nicole told him to.

It's all about the intrigue of Nicole meeting each house-mat and hearing that they all want Bunky voted out... but Bunky? well he voted like she told him to... so he's, again, off the radar. Everybody sits with someone else and has these deep conversations that include strategy and end with "and this is between only us..." and a round of "I got yer back"s. They whoever was doing the listening runs off to tell whoever else they are in a mini bullshit alliance with... this domino keeps tumbling and eventually someone - usually within minutes - ends up confronting the original speaker... who in turn gets pissed at the person they told in the first place. Not surprisingly... Will is usually at the center of all these incidents...

Most Memorable Moment
This has to be when Will, commenting on his talk with Kirsta and Monica - who are lounging in the Hot Tub "and I have to go and talk with two of the stupidest people in the world"...
Note that when Krista invited Ophelia into the shower for a quick cleaning and the pig pooped a bucket full of nuggets at her feet... it was great competition for the most memorable moment...

Tear Patrol
Well, of course, Nicole almost looses it when she's handing out the nominations... Bunky gets a little tearful air time talking about Kent, and Krista sheds a bucket full when Nicole (the lying wanna-be-queen of manipulation) tells her that she, Will and Hardy agreed to arrange for Krista to win... yeah... like anybody believed that when they said it. sheesh. We are talking about a half million US dollars here...

Hello Monica? Geezzus... she the fricken Zen master these days. Every other sentence out of her is a near-budist allegory twisting verbs for nouns and talking a million miles an hour. Bottom line? she's officially an angry black woman that is worried she's gonna get tossed. She did have her moments - prior to the actual nomination ritual - of clarity while talking to Krista. Trying to basically say what has been on my mind the whole show... It's a game and people are playing to win. Don't be so put off when someone starts playing it better than you. She - Monica - does get right royally pissed after her nomination ... she storms away making me think everybody better guard their toothbrushes... hahaha....

Krista is just off hard on the realization that everything everybody says in this house is a lie. Yes it's either that she has been really naive all this time or this sad zone is just her trying to play out the last moments of her game.

Nicole? Pawleese! Put a little crown on her and call her Prince. Machiavelli never had it so good. Every alliance related deal she has ever made is for shit. Every promise she has made to the camera in the Diary Room has fallen by the way side... now it's all about her wonder-alliance with Will... the biggest liar in the house...

Will is being Will... nothing new here... How he manages to keep from bursting out laughing all the time is just amazing to me. What people are forgetting - or seem to be forgetting - is that when it gets down to the final two... the other (evicted) house-mats will pick a winner. So who's team is on the outside making up the most votes? Could Doctor Drake Rameriez be the money man?

There was this great scene in the show of Hardy pressed up against the wall inside the house listening to the conversation going on outside the house... little spy boi! and another where he's in the hot tub saying that he's NOW here for the money... What? Like he was here for the fun up till now? Come on! pffttt!

Bunky? he was in the washroom for the past three days... hahahaha... no, but really he had very little to say this epi. I guess it's true ... you never hear the gay guy fart.

The food competition was this goof thing where the house-mats had to climb into a giant bowl of breakfast cereal and find the random "Fridge-Magent-Letters" distributed in the bowl and upon finding one yell out food names that started with that specific letter. They each had two letters they could go for... so there's Monica holding up an E and saying Eggs, Egg-nog... Egg Egg ummm.. Egg (pfftttt). None of the others did much better. They had a time limit (60 seconds) and they would spend 45 of them finding the right letter to name the one food they wanted... then they would draw a blank for anything else that started with that letter. Lots of brain farts there... oh, Hardy remembered that Beer started with a B. Good boy.

So Nicole is HoH and only votes in a tie and there will be no tie with three voters.
Krista and Monica are nominated...
That leaves Bunky, Will and Hardy to vote. Will will vote to evict Monica and so will Hardy... Bunky will vote to evict Kirsta... Angry black woman in the lounge next week... that is unless Krista spends the next three days totally driving everyone frigging nuts.
ps. I still hope Krista wins!!

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