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Reading my friends, and reading random 'other' LJs I start to notice a trend or at least a pattern among the girls entries... Before I go too far down that road, let me say that I DO NOT MEAN ALL OF 'EM, but rather an appreciable trend among many!

I am completely enthralled by LJ. I'm pay'en the membership and dedicating time to this just like many others and I simply cannot get over how it makes me feel... I am extremely empathetic (did I just make that word up?). I feel other peoples expressed emotions - happy, sad, etc. One of my friends was cry'en over a messed up relationship and I was in tears (very sappy I know, but tough!), then I had a sleepless night over another friends dramatic loss of a friend (passed away in the RW - real world) BUT more importantly I get all giddy and squirm with happy feet over the great things I read in my friends journals. I try to stay up with a real cross section of people, and granted, most of them are girls (that line of 'issue' will lead to another 'tough!' thingy) they span the age brackets, social settings and (best of all) the PLANET! (wow!!)

I've never been in to ICQ or much chat - although I keep up with a few BBS's (they're cool and fun) - but everything (BBS included) gets so cloudy with people being TOTALLY FULL OF SHI%. You know what I mean; boys pretending to be girls (for whatever reason!), people on soapboxes, liars, etc. Don't get me wrong, I think its all fun. But only here, in LJ land, do I find the type of sincerity that makes my 'empathy' wriggle into place. (that's why I watch a few cam people like Jenni, Steph and Ana - what you see is what you get - no bullshit! - and I find that very emotionally stimulating).

So, back to the 'trend' or pattern. It's on the subject of boiz, or relationships. If one of my LJ friends is on cloud nine over a boi, it's a good bet that I will find many others in LJ land saying the same thing... in contrast, when a friend is way-down-low on a relationship going bad, the same is also occurring all over LJ land. I'm now going to try to keep track of the "phase of the moon" when I watch these trends... I'm betting that will show a relationship as well.

PS. has anybody said "I love u" to you today? Yesterday? Well I love u. Here in my abstract little LJ world, almost facelessly reading about your lives, dogs, jobs, partners, families... I just cannot help but let myself pretend (?) I know you and I am letting myself love you. So, there. na na nana na. If that makes me SUPER weird... (you guessed it) tough! I've always been weird and I ain't gonna change now.

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