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BB2 Update

BB2 Update: The Weekly visit to the loser lounge.

So he said he wanted to go with his head held high... I guess that means he was playing with himself 'cause he sure looked like a loser bar none diss'en the crap out of everyone while he sat with Julie-the-used-to-be-a-respectable-journalist Chen in the Loser Lounge.

Finally.... Mr. Mole man ... Kent, is gone! I spent the whole show worry'en that my tape would end before the HoH competition because George Dubbya was delaying the start time... but all I missed was the last "live" moments of the show.

Things were so seriously nutty in that house this week… it was "uber plot land" in the extreme. With all the mini alliances, deals and double deals… there is really only one person that has even the slightest idea what is actually happening … yup… Will. I mean, he reminds us every week that everything he says is a lie… and then I read of him setting up deals with all the dif house-mats… knowing full well that it's all total crap. Wowzers… He has said he want's to get movie/tv roles as the "evil doctor"… making me think of Joey on Friends… oops… I mean Dr. Drake Ramirez hahaha…

In A Nut Shell
By a no-surprise-there vote of 4 to 0, Kent is evicted from the house … and practically runs down the hall to get out of the house. He is a total diss'en bastard in the interview and then they have the HoH competition.
Nicole finally wins a HoH… although to listen to her talk on the feeds she has "thrown" the HoH twice… well maybe… I mean it's an unenviable position to be in … having to nominate two others for extinction… and then watch while everyone decides you're the spawn of the devil for nominating so-and-so.

Most Memorable Moment

Well CBS did this little segment in the first half of the show that was really priceless… they presented the likes and dislikes - as expressed in the Diary Room - of the house-mats in each week of the show… This, of course, offers us the chance to see how fickle fate and friendship is inside the zone'du Big Bro. We get to see Nicole loving Kent… then hating him. Everyone hating Will… then loving him… you get the picture. It was a great montage.

Tear Patrol
Well… not a lot of cry'en going on tonight… certainly not Krista practically dancing in her seat as she casts her vote to toss Kent. Nicole got all weepy while she also voted to toss his still-homophobic, intolerant, bigoted ass from the house of pain. Oh, they made Krista get a tad choked up by asking her to remember Mike (the Booger man)'s farewell message to her. Oh, and of course, Bunky is losing his water hard over voting for his master…

Julie interviews Captain America (Kent) and tries to corner him on his intolerance… he keeps calling Hardy a liar and when she asks him to refer to one of his lies… he can't think of any. Goof.
Hardy comments - after Kent sprints from the house - that he recorded a fond farewell message for Kent… Julie asks Kent about his impressions of Hardy and he goes on and on about what an asshole he thinks Hardy is… they don't play Hardy's message.
Bunky… the new owner of the "fly me under the radar" trophy… his number is totally up next week. He votes to oust Kent… on Kent's advice.

After the house-mats evict someone… the camera's stay on 'em for a bit and we get to watch "live" big bro for a bit before Julie picks up the interview. This house-mats all dress up like movie stars for the live show… breaking out the jewels and greasing back the hair (something Will has simply got to do… that boi has more hair than a 1982 grade 10 English class). Well we are treated to a high mount backyard camera shot of Bunky talking to Hardy… and in the background? Hahahaha… Nicole rips off her top revealing a rather decent rack held up in a black lace bra… then pulls on a light blue T-shirt. I backed up and double checked to be sure… I wish I had a vcr-pc editing card for my pc so I could capture images like that… it's really kinda funny - besides a good shot of Nicole's girls.
Speaking of boobie shots… this is clipped from the live feed transcripts on Wednesday:

Will convincing Monica she has nice breasts and that she could be on playboy.
Monica flips up her top!!

Krista - saying you just showed the whole internet your breasts for free.

Monica…she of the previously invisible self, is now looming rather large as a player. She will most likely be nom'ed with Bunky next week unless someone pisses Nicole off hard… (umm.. .actually Hardy really has pissed off Nicole so… we'll see.)

Tactical Report
Well Nicole won the HoH competition. It was this game where the house-mats had to, in a shuffle board fashion, slide their house key (big brass keys they wear during the live show) down an isle without overshooting the end of the track. Closest to the line wins. Monica was the hands down odds-on-favorite to win this… she was nailing the line over and over when they practiced… She totally choked in the competition. Nicole cruised the game and becomes she-who-will-nominate.
I'm guessing she'll nominate Bunky and Hardy out of aggression. If she's feeling sucky, she'll nom Bunky and Monica and then she'll get to say "I just wanted to nominate people that have never been nominated… Either way, Krista and Will be the voting block. They will fry Hardy… if Will gets his way… and Will always seems to get his way…

I'm telling ya… this is all about Will. He is and has always been "the show".

L8er Sk8ers.

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