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BB2 Update

BB2 Update "You got to know when to hold 'em..."

It's all out there now... the game, the players, the double-dealing... I'm telling ya I half expected everyone to freeze-frame last night and Kenny Rogers to come strolling out of the diary room with a guitar singing about the gambler...

Most Memorable Moment</b>
Will during the competition... Typical setup with the Luxury Competition and then tones of house-mat plotting and being nasty... In the competition, the kids had to dress up a dummy (life size dolls) as themselves. BB places these dummies around the house and the kids have to go in a find the dummies while wearing blindfolds. They are divided up into two teams and the action is give'en a "rescue" theme. They were all dressed in one-piece coveralls and it looked like a lot of fun for everyone... everyone except Will. The prize was $100 worth of whatever you pre-selected for each member of the winning team. Will became remarkably disoriented in the house... and then lost his frigging mind! He trashed the living room, flipped and broke a kitchen counter.... he was totally on the verge of a complete drop the mask moment! Would the real Will shady please stand up... please stand up... and just a quick note on the prizes... Monica? picked $100 worth of smokes... the other mental cases picked "flowers sent to their lovers" sort of prizes... I can just imagine the follow-the-leader attitude that brought that about... I mean... flowers? WTF were they thinking... get something you need... any ways, Will was utterly priceless as he went nuts in the house looking for a dummy.

Tear Patrol
Well, they made a right big deal about Hardy being a not-so-soprano-like big-pussy... cry'en at the drop of a hat. He goes on and on in the live feeds about feeling like the world see's him as a big suck... Kent, always the open minded individual (HA!) opens the show with "He's just a hard-hearted phony like the rest of them try'en to snag a half million." Again, I am driven to say... "well duh!" Kent has not shed a single tear since he got here... well maybe a sniffle over the pictures from his kids... but he does manage to scratch his eye with his 'fuck off' finger every time he is shown in the diary room.

Nicole made an overture to Hardy talking about how since everybody is gonna vote to banish Kent... maybe she could just vote to save him ... just 'cause. Now she did this once before when Autumn was up for eviction. Can she be any more transparent in her strategy and weenyness? Hardy practically burned holes through her with his evil stare at that comment.
Krista? She did not like the "dress the doll" competition. She comments - after stomping her blow-up girl doll into the ground with the heel of her foot - "I hate dolls! I like trucks..."

Who was that angry black woman? Oh yea... Monica came to life this week. hahaha... she has been more vocal all weekend - via the life feeds - but boy oh boy... during the show she completely looses it on Kent and Bunky... no I mean really looses it... screeching, screaming, cussing her head off... it was a total gas watching her sputter. Bunky practically ran away from her…

K, gotta say it... I am so seriously loving this Will guy. He makes no bones about being in it for the game and - other than the blindfolded idiot episode - has never lost his cool in the show. And I quote: "Can someone truly enjoy watching a group of people emotionally, psychologically, mentally and verbally abuse the hell out of each other? Yes... I know I can... and I get to watch it happen every day." He says this on the heels of observing that "there is a civil war amongst the smokers."

Kent basically went into an "I'm above this" zone for the weekend and only emerged from that shell to totally loose it on the group during the Monday meeting. He "Outed" all the alliances and - effectively - changed the game forever by calling everyone on their double dealing... I mean these kids stay up all fucking night long because they are afraid to leave anyone else awake to plot in their absence.... tire, bored, and essentially crazy... yup they are all just going banana's with their plots and sub-plots.

Bunky.... well I don't know anymore... I still see him as a complete follower. He has been the object of much concern by the others as they imagine him to be this Machiavellian style master schemer but I doubt it.

They got a pot-bellied pig for a pet ... for a week. The thing screeches, poops, pees and wants to sleep on the bed... It spoons with Krista the first night, then Hardy the second night... by the third night, everyone is ready to give the pig back... hahaha..

Tactical Report
Well this should have been easy. Until Kent got everyone riled up. He's still toast (IMHO) but the chips have definitely been shaken up.
Hardy? HoH and can't vote
Will and Kent up for nom...
Bunky votes for Will
Nicole votes for Kent
Monica votes for Kent
Krista votes for Kent

Bu-Bye Kent.

If Bunky wins HoH... it's a mess.

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