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BB2 Update

BB2 Update: The Hardy Show...

He laughs... he cries... and he cries some more... and, then for something completely different, he cries again... and then of course, he can open his throat like a porn star! Yup it's the Hardy show.

Well the nomination show lived up to expectations... actually the show itself is now getting in sync with my expectations... the producers are being amazing pigs and the house-mats are settling into their roles as highly dusted pawns in a game designed purely to make people get really, amazingly stupid.

Most Memorable Moment
Actually the Bunkmyster had the best few seconds of the show for me... the producers focus on his pathetic, weak, worthless self sucking hard at the feet of the god-like Hardy looking to keep his hairy self in the game. When Hardy leaves, we're treated to a devious little Bunky looking at the camera and getting all prophetic with a "I'm going to win!" Now there's really very little chance of that but it's nice to see he still thinks he's playing.

Tear Patrol
Ok where to start... I mean everybody was crying this time... well everyone except ol'kent the mole man. CBS entertained the bored-out-of-their-collective-skulls house-mats by showing them an edited version of a music video they made using a hand-held cam and a boom box (it was cute reading about them making the video... 'specially watching how Kent remained far too mature to participate... - can you spell loser?). But then they followed up with the video that they made of Mike to play to Krista if she had been tossed last week. This not only reduced her to tears - choking out-loud cries of anguish, but it also put Nicole, Mike (on the tape), Bunky, and Hardy in tears...

CBS is Sick!
Ok the food competition was a good example of just how pathetically sick CBS is... "Name your fav mean!" So they all do... then, for the competition, they have to drink that meal after ramming it into a blender and purreiing the lot. Say ewwwwww! Krista was absolutely puking at the smell, let alone the taste of her mcdonalds meal turned into a shake.... No really... Kent was choking back vomit with every sip and Bunky looked a bit like he was gagging... nothing new for him I'm sure (sorry, but I just had to). Monica looked like she was having fun drinking her blended onion rings and quarter-pounder. Will had a raw fish shake - that seemed to agree with him. Hardy? Hardy didn't have to do one (HoH privilege) but in good spirit elected to do it anyways... and with college frat boy skill put a 20oz drink of liquid Christmas dinner down his thoat in like 8 seconds... just opened up his throat and threw it back.

Krista puking on national TV, Nicole looking a lot like she was gonna start sucking on Hardy's nipples and Monica just generally cruising along... invisible - except for her little dance in preparation for drinking her sick-o shake in food competition.
I have to say, this would have been an all-together-different game if Sherri had not been evicted in the first round.

Ok I am really loving this Will guy ... what an absolute ham... how he keeps a straight face when he does some of the weird shit he does I cannot imagine. He literally (honestly) confronts Nicole and accuses her of having fallen in love with him. She is totally caught off guard and cannot believe her ears... she asks him to confirm this 'cause she's sure she heard him wrong... but nope.. he did say "you have fallen in love with me." She tries to catch him in his own game by getting naked and jumping his bones in the shower... but she cannot keep a straight face and backs down at the last second... she did get down to her panties and t-shirt...
Hardy? What a complete suck... I mean he's crying about having to do the HoH nomination thing... crying about Mikes love note to Kirsta, then? Then he's just bawling his eyes out while he delivers the nominations...
Bunky practically wets himself when he pulls his key and finds that he is, indeed, not nominated... he prol'y thinks his pathetic begging at Hardy's feet was a master stroke.
Kent? gives a bad name to the word garbage.

Tactical Report
Ok so, Hardy is HoH, and Will and Kent are nominated...
This leaves... (voters)
Bunky - basically promised Hardy to vote however he was told... but he's a lying door-knob so he'll vote for Will.
Nicole - will vote for Kent
Monica - will vote for Will
Krista - will definitely vote for Kent

That gives us our first chance for HoH tie breaker… and ol'fragile Hardy is gonna bawl huge over that one.

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