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BB2 Update

BB2 Update: "The collective nose-blow... out with the boogie."

This will be short... I'm kinda fading in and out... but I did manage to watch and enjoy the live show... In a nutshell, everyone but Will voted to oust Mr. Mike Booger... (hence the nose blowing reference) and Hardy managed to be the first house-mat to be a two-time HoH. This does not bode well for Kent or Bunky. One of them is sure to go and the odds-on-fav is Kent (at this point).

Most Memorable Moment.
Krista totally went off on Mike during the live "interview" element of the show. She really got her vent's blowing. She was almost tripping over herself in an effort to say 101 bad things about Kent. He really has lived up to all my worst expectations and he deserves to be put on the spot like this. He wore the HoH crown poorly. Again... it's a game and people are playing it... he's trying to be someone "above" the game... I say "Bah!" on him.

Tear Patrol
Krista dropped the most juice ... Mike leaves and she's quite a wreck. But she'll at least get her chances to dig the hell out of Kent. Nicole managed a few drops of salty-bits over missing her hubby... I'd have to say that she has maintained the most "strength of character" of all the HGs and has nothing at all to fear from poorly received interpretations of her actions in the house. He hubby will be - should be - proud.

Will and Hardy are all buddy buddy now... hahaha... no alliance could be more transparently an act of desperation. Desperately trying to rid themselves of the evil Kent, the useless Bunky and the invisible black girl... (Monica).

Man you should see Nicole on the live feeds... well read about her... seeing as I don't actually get the live feeds. She is so amazingly strong of character it's wild. She basically tells Will that if she was single and wanted to, she could wrap him around her finger and fuck his lights out. No kidding.
Monica - true to form - remains basically a non-player character (NPC - a term well defined in the AD&D days of old).
Krista is just basically Krista. A real person with evil PMS and a cute ass. She's all ga ga over Mike but with him gone, she will most likely be well focused on Hardy's great bod and getting revenge on Kent.

Tactical Report
the final three! Nicole, Krista and Hardy. Unless, of course, Bunky gets HoH next week. Will remains a wild card. But as I see it Will is pretty well the only reason the show has good potential for entertainment and intrigue.
Hardy is HoH.
He'll nominate Kent and Bunky.
That will leave Will, Krista, Monica, and Nicole to vote.
Will votes for Kent
Krista votes for Kent
Monica votes for Kent
Nicole votes for Kent...

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